Building physics

Modern buildings are complex constellations of thousands of components made from hundreds of different types of materials. New components and materials are developed constantly with the aim of improving quality and decreasing costs.

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Anders Birch

Anders Birch

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State-of-the-art solutions

Too often, new components and materials prove to be unfit for their purpose. This frequently leads to significant damages and costs. Such problems can be traced to a lack of knowledge of moisture control, temperature fluctuations, atmospheric loads, long-term durability of materials or how materials influence each other.

Ramboll has extensive experience in the field of building physics and material technology. We use state-of-the-art software when analysing the temperature effects, moisture pressure, airflow and other physical aspects of building elements. We have modern in-house laboratories for analysing specimens of damaged materials.


Ramboll has world-leading knowledge in the field of cement and concrete technology. Our team of experts offers customers around the world tailored service in materials supply, production, use of concrete, repairs and litigation. Ramboll's expertise includes specialised knowledge in:
  • Deterioration mechanisms
  • Curing design
  • Mix design optimisation
  • Troubleshooting
We test and prepare materials at our own laboratories, which have a chemical laboratory, a concrete mixing laboratory, optical polarisation microscopes, a scanning electron microscope and equipment for automatic air void analysis.

Natural building stone

Ramboll is also a global leader in the field of selection and evaluation of stone, and how best to use it for buildings, especially stone-clad facades. Our expertise includes:
  • Durability of different types of stone (for example granite or marble)
  • Design of fixing systems
  • Evaluation of atmospheric actions
  • Specification of complete façade systems
  • Supervision of construction works


Our team of building physicists analyses and evaluates:
  • Deterioration mechanisms in steel structures
  • Corrosion risks of different metal combinations
  • Surface protection systems for metals
  • Corrosion damages discovered on existing buildings

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