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The international aviation sector is growing and supports economic and social growth all over the world. Airports help bring together people from all over the globe and serves as hubs for international trade. New technological developments in the airport terminal, such as online check-in and security screening equipment, brings with them new requirements to airport design. Today’s modern airports are in process of a continuous expansion and refurbishment, a challenge that requires skill and experience to meet.


The terminal buildings are the main "engines" of an airport. This is where everything happens. The airport design and layout of a terminal building are key to achieving maximum efficiency and revenue generation in an airport. Each terminal building is different but the function of the "engine" is the same. Ramboll understands the complex flow of the airport terminal and involves the client in an ongoing dialogue in order to achieve the best possible result.

Ramboll's airport consultants have worked on more than 200 airport projects over the years. We offer a complete range of airport design services (ie. airside, terminal buildings, and landside) all over the world. We adopt a holistic approach and work alongside specialist contractors in order to deliver the best possible services to our clients.

Redevelopment of Pulkovo Airport

Ramboll was appointed lead design consultant on the complete redevelopment of Pulkovo Airport, St. Petersburg, Russia. The airport project represents one of the largest Public-Private-Partnership projects in Russia and is one of the most ambitious aviation projects currently underway in Europe. The contract catapults Ramboll into the big league of international airport consultancy.

Pulkovo airport

Gatwick Airport airside/landside extension

As the second largest airport in the UK, Gatwick's annual passenger traffic is estimated to reach 40 million over the next decade. The airport's owner/operator, BAA, decided to add a rooftop extension containing a retail gallery to an existing three-storey steel frame structure in the South Terminal international departure lounge.

Gatwick airport, UK. Ramboll

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