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Acoustics are essential to successful building design, and to how people experience buildings. The sound environment affects human health, communication and productivity. 
Acoustics is an important feature of the new Ramboll Domicile in Ørestad

Noise and vibrations assignments of various sizes

Acoustic ambience is more important in densely populated offices and mixed-use complexes – and acoustic regulations are becoming more stringent.

Ramboll works with acoustics, noise and vibrations. We use sound measuring equipment and computer programs in order to present accurate calculations and reports about acoustics We complete tasks of all sizes, from limited measurements to complete acoustic planning of large building projects, specialised structures and major road projects.

Areas of expertise and relevant projects

Our main areas of expertise are:
  • Building acoustics
  • Acoustics in rooms and halls
  • Outside noise assessments and noise reduction
  • Industrial noise assessments
  • Sound measurements

We use the following process in our acoustics projects :
  • Calculation of noise from roads and railways for environmental impact assessment
  • Specification of sound requirements for acoustic programmes
  • Acoustics dimensioning of structures, facades, windows and ventilation
  • Assisting other companies with acoustics construction design and/or choosing the proper products
  • Final inspection and control measurements

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Allan Jensen
Allan Jensen
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Executive Director, Buildings
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