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As people spend 90% of their time indoors, buildings shape our lives and well-being. Investors and tenants therefore demand that buildings are distinctive, sustainable, and designed to meet user needs.

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A top 10 buildings consultancy globally

Ramboll brings together nearly 4000 multidisciplinary buildings experts worldwide. As a top 10 buildings consultancy globally, we design around 10 million m2 of buildings each year.

Complete building design and consultancy service

Our comprehensive service covers all aspects of building engineering, architecture, design, and consultancy. We work on 10,000 projects annually and have an extensive track record in developing inspiring healthcare, pharmaceutical, commercial, retail, hotels, residential, education, arts & culture, sports, high-rise, and airport buildings. We also have market-leading expertise in timber structures and off-site construction practices.

Liveability and sustainability drive commercial success

Our design philosophy is to always make room for the human experience. By applying our “Liveable Buildings” concept, we balance the cultural, social and physical values of buildings. Improving quality of life for building users increases a building’s attractiveness to both tenants and investors. Good indoor environmental quality improves office worker productivity by 3%, and buildings with a green rating command 16% higher prices.

Innovation and digital building design

We have a unique approach to using Building information modelling (BIM), CAD, and advanced analytical techniques to bring building renderings to life. This enables decisions and changes to be implemented and assessed virtually before construction starts.

Our pioneering ‘Innovation Design’ service uses the latest parametric models, simulations and algorithms to create complex building forms, improved performance, and reduced timeframes and costs.

Creating maximum value for clients

We deliver the best solutions to our clients by combining a local presence and insights with a global network of specialist expertise. We are the preferred partner of some of the world’s leading architects and developers and 85% of our work is with long-term, repeat clients. Our clients also include contractors, building owners, private corporations, universities, and government institutions.


Selected awards

  • Project of the Year at Middle East Consultant Awards for The Green Planet (2016)
  • Major Building Project of the Year and BIM Application Award at BCI Awards for National Graphene Institute (2015)
  • Pioneer Award at Structural Timber Awards (2015)
  • International Construction FIB Award for Bella Sky Comwell Hotel (2014)
  • Mies van der Rohe Award for Harpa Concert and Conference Center (2013)

More information

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Buildings market brochure

Buildings for a better future
Advanced High Rise Buildings
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Ramboll has great experience in designing high-rise buildings. Read about a selection of the significant buildings Ramboll has been involved in (online publication, opens in new window).


Building with timber
Building with timber

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Healthcare capability statement

Pioneering healthcare facilities


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