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Check of EMR from WiFi in Swedish schools

In some Swedish public schools, the teachers were worried that the recently installed WiFi network could have a harmful impact on the children. 

Check of EMF levels at upper secondary school in Aarhus, Denmark.

EMR measurement and reporting. General consultancy services.

Study of EMF levels at hospital

In response to concerns that raised EMF (Electromagnetic Field) levels could pose a risk to life sustaining hospital equipment, Ramboll conducted a study at the University Hospital in Aarhus Denmark to determine if the EMF levels exceeded recommended levels.

Study of EMF levels for electric trains

For a newly established train line in California USA, Ramboll has performed a health and safety evaluation of EMF levels from electric trains.

Study of EMR fields at university rooftop

In response to concerns that levels of EMR fields (Electromagnetic Radiation) from rooftop antennas could potentially pose a health risk to workers on the roof, Ramboll conducted a study for a London based university to determine the overall risk.

Check and counselling of EMR in factory for pharmaceutical equipment. Information about EMR related to health and safety workers.

According EU directive 2013/35/EU all companies must know the EMR levels that their workers are exposed. This can be done by theoretical calculations, or by measuring the actual levels.

Check of EMR/EMF levels in private homes

Many citizens have expressed concern if the EMF levels (electromagnetic fields) in their homes are a health and safety hazard. The citizens have requested a check of the EMF levels.

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