Over the years, we have solved many distinctive and challenging projects for our customers. Ramboll’s Project excellence programme is dedicated to providing clients with world class project management competencies and the very best results.

Bridgeport district energy project

NuPower Thermal LLC is developing a modern district energy network for the City of Bridgeport in Connecticut, USA.

Conversion to European style District Energy at Sheridan College

The conversion will help to reduce the college’s energy consumption and CO2 emissions considerably and in turn save millions of dollars over the coming years.

London Heat Mapping

Identifying decentralised energy opportunities

Kongens Lyngby Converts to District Heating

Transforming an old town full of listed buildings, a burial mound and a fortress canal to an energy-efficient suburb is a challenging task. But the municipality of Lyngby-Taarbaek has taken up the challenge, and soon the citizens of Kgs. Lyngby will be able to enjoy cheap and sustainable district energy.

Køge Heat Distribution Network

800 households in the Municipality of Køge will soon get access to cheap and sustainable district heating when the heat supply is converted to district heating.

District heating system turns Bridgeport into model city for green energy

The implementation of a low-temperature heating and cooling system in Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA, has made the formerly languishing city a frontrunner in clean and efficient energy production.

Makkah District Cooling

A new mega district cooling project will make future pilgrimage to the sacred city of Makkah more comfortable for the many pilgrims who visit the Saudi Arabian city each year.

Fjernvarme Fyn - Heat plan

Development Plan for the district heating company Fjernvarme Fyn in Odense, Denmark

Heat Mapping Study in Fort St. John

Ramboll Energy was appointed to perform a heat mapping study for the City of Fort St. John

District Heating System in Korea

Since 2003 Ramboll has carried out a number of district heating studies for the Korean District Heating Engineering Company (KDHEC).

District cooling ensures low heating prices for Danish citizens

The Danish district energy company, HTF, is establishing district cooling in Høje Taastrup city centre. Driven mainly by heat pumps, the system aims to preserve heat supplies and ensure a low price on heat, while at the same time providing energy-efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly district cooling. Ramboll has developed the business plan and project proposal, and mapped the potential supply areas.

Unprecedented data centre surplus heat recovery to fuel district heat network

A Ramboll-designed energy centre will redistribute surplus heat from an Odense data centre to the city’s district heating network.

Improving Romanian environmental infrastructure

Ramboll implemented a project aimed at improving environmental infrastructure, according to EU standards, in the fields of waste management, district heating and nature protection.

Heating up London

Find out how to supply heat to an additional 500 dwellings in central London. That was the task that Ramboll was commissioned with by Islington Borough Council. Now the results of this ground breaking study are available. They confirm that the 850 dwellings already connected to the district heating system in central London can be extended to 1350 by adding an innovative low-carbon heat source.

Newham Royal Docks Infrastructure Study

London's Royal Docks area in Docklands is to be redeveloped as a mixed-use complex accommodating new-technology companies, educational facilities and high quality office and residential space, all within close reach of the ExCeL exhibition centre and London City Airport. Ramboll Energy was appointed as a sub-consultant to engineer WSP to deliver the energy masterplanning workstream for the Royal Docks Infrastructure Study commissioned by Newham Council.

Greenwich Peninsula Energy Network

Greenwich Peninsula is a new development consisting of over 10,000 new homes and commercial space. The development has a build programme of 20 years.

BIO4: Towards carbon neutrality in Copenhagen

The City of Copenhagen aims to become the world’s first carbon-neutral capital by 2025. Greater Copenhagen Utility HOFOR is supporting the City in achieving this goal through several initiatives, including the conversion of Amagerværket power plant from fossil fuels to biomass.

Carlsberg sustainable urban development

It is the vision of Carlsberg Properties to create a new sustainable district in Copenhagen with housing, shops and office buildings in harmony with the historical old buildings and the neighbouring districts.

Strategic plan for a heat transmission network in Milan

Strategic plan for a heat transmission network in Milan in order to utilise heat from combined heat and power plant.

District cooling in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Feasibility study of a district cooling system providing cooling for the headquarters of the Saudi Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Extension of District Heating in Copenhagen

In 2006, opportunities were identified to double sales of district heat from 300 to 600 GWh, by enlarging the network and connecting large gas boilers in four municipalities.  The municipally owned waste management company Vestforbrænding made an investment of DKK500 million to do this.  Ramboll has provided the company with in-house consultancy services for 40 years, offering a number of different services.

District heating system in the Copenhagen Region

The district heating schemes in the Copenhagen Region are interconnected, forming one of the largest integrated DH systems in the world.

Combined Cycle Plant in Viborg, Denmark

This architecturally elegant and striking plant benefits the local environment in many ways, while at the same time presenting an example that can be emulated all over the world.

Energy Masterplan for the Greater Manchester Area

A district heating masterplan for the Greater Manchester Area will be developed in support of local and national commitments to sustainable energy.

Heat without hurt

Frederiksværk, Denmark, is not a big city in any way - but especially when it comes to CO2 emissions. That’s because in 2002-03, Ramboll worked with city council to install a new wood-chip boiler plant that made the total heat supply of the city CO2 neutral.

Towards CO2 neutral heating

Whether the power is generated from burning waste or the combustion of other energy sources, new research that Ramboll and Aarhus University did for Dansk Fjernvarme, R&D fund, suggests that district heating may well hold the answer to one of the greatest challenges of our time: finding a CO2-neutral urban heating system.

Feasibility Study of District Cooling with Utilisation of Excess Heat

Our energy system is changing. In response to a rising need for adjusting the electricity consumption to the electricity production, heat pumps with large thermal storages are gaining ground. Heat pumps are in many ways a beneficial solution as they are able to produce both cooling and heating. Today, heat pumps are typically installed in individual buildings as an alternative to district heating. However, as the use of individual heat pumps is rising on behalf of district heating, the society is missing out on both environmental and economic benefits. So how can a utility company take advantage of heat pumps?

District heating and cooling network in Alkimos, Perth, Australia

Initial screening of a proposed district heating and cooling network in a new suburb of Perth, Australia.

Low-carbon energy supply strategy for the City of Cambridge

The City of Cambridge located north of Boston, Massachusetts, USA, shares increasing global concerns about climate change and the many challenges it presents. Cambridge has adopted a Climate Protection Action Plan with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050.

Meridian Water masterplan

The Meridian Water project is one of the largest housing developments in London and the UK and will see up to 10,000 homes constructed over the next 20 years on an 85 hectare brownfield site.

Edinburgh International Low Carbon Energy Infrastructure

Ramboll Energy’s comprehensive feasibility study recommends options for implementing low carbon energy infrastructure in the Edinburgh International development area.

Chicago Lakeside: A new way of living

Chicago is taking urban development in the US in a brand new direction. The Chicago Lakeside-project is based on the assumption that future generations picture themselves living in a city focused on liveability and sustainability.

Skolkovo Innovation Center: A creative forerunner

Ramboll is Client Consultant to the Skolkovo Foundation, established by the Russian President to develop Skolkovo Innovation Centre. Covering an area of 400 ha just outside of Moscow, the Centre is supposed to be Russia’s response to Silicon Valley.

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