Over the years, we have solved many distinctive and challenging projects for our customers. Ramboll’s Project excellence programme is dedicated to providing clients with world class project management competencies and the very best results.

Fatigue analyses of 300 m guyed masts in Sweden

Ramboll has prepared detailed fatigue analyses of two typical 300 m guyed masts in Sweden. The purpose of the investigation was to establish the lifetime of guyed masts now that they are around 50 years old.

Design of a new 300 m guyed mast

On the 15th of May 2016 the old 320 m guyed mast in Borås was exposed to sabotage and 200 m of the top of the mast fell down to the ground. Due to the collapse Teracom wanted a new mast designed, manufactured and installed as soon as possible.

Design av en ny 300 meter hög telemast

15 maj 2016 saboterades den 320 meter höga telemasten i Borås. Sabotaget ledde till mastens översta 200 meter föll i baken. På grund av detta behövde Teracom en ny mast, designad, tillverkad och rest så fort som möjligt.

Design, supply, and erection of a 125m tower

Ramboll has been the main contractor for the supply and erection of a 125m tall tower in Karlskrona, Sweden. The contract included the design and delivery of a special rock foundation.

4G boosts Ramboll in India

Reliance Jio has just awarded Ramboll in India with a major contract for tubular telecom towers. The project is a further consolidation of Ramboll's position as a global leader within analysis, design, and construction of masts and towers.

Digital Terrestial Television

It is a challenging task to implement Digital Terrestial Television to the interface of 40 years old existing masts. This task requires expert engineering skills and an experienced mounting team for a successful chopper placement of the new antennas. Twenty 16 meter long antennas are mounted over a period of 2 years up to July 2008 in order to realise the political decision of changing to digital television in Norway.

Supply of towers for mobile networks in Africa

Increasing demand for mobile telephone coverage and broadband services in Africa call for massive expansion in mobile networks on the African continent. Today Ramboll’s design philosophy is well-known by mobile operators and networks vendors who request supply of towers from Ramboll Telecom for the African market.

Arabian Date Palm Tree Pole

Telecom operators in Dubai want the new innovative camouflage solution, Palm Tree with date fruit called Arabian Date Palm Tree. Ramboll was requested by client in Dubai to provide so called “Arabian Date Palm Trees”.

Measurement of Electromagnetic Radiation

Those living near sites containing telecommunication masts are often concerned about the level of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted by the antennas. These concerns are sometimes the source of strain within neighbourhoods, as well as between local people and mobile operators.

Structural design of towers for overhead transmission line Kassø-Tjele

A new overhead transmission line is needed in order to secure the quality of supply in Denmark. Denmark puts a great effort into reducing CO2 emissions by expanding the production capacity based on renewable energy. Consequently, a more flexible electricity grid is needed to be able to transport the power from the offshore wind parks to the consumers as well as increasing the transmission capacity between international markets.

Installing antennas in existing overhead transmission line towers

When antennas from different telecommunication operators were installed in the overhead transmission line towers of, a static analysis of the towers and the foundation was needed. Ramboll assisted with all antennas installed in the their towers.

Dismantling of Overhead Transmission Line, Little Belt

In order to enhance the view of Little Belt, 12 km of overhead line was removed and replaced with cable. Ramboll was responsible for the project description of the dismantling of the cables and the 120 m tall towers – as well as designing foundations for the new towers.

2500 telecom towers assessed by Ramboll in Indonesia

Ramboll provides consultancy service - audits & design - for Indonesia’s largest Independent Tower Company, Tower Bersama Group (TBG), who acquired 2,500 mobile towers from the country’s no. 2 operator PT Indosat.

Smart Site Solution, SMART site (SMall Area Rambøll Tower site)

Ramboll Thailand and Ramboll Indonesia together developed a SMART site concept for NSN and Ericsson. The idea with the smart site is to minimize overall site costs. The Built-in Equipment Platform (BEPF) which is designed as the universal fixation which can be mounted to bottom section of different Ramboll 3-legged tubular tower families.

Expanding the load bearing capacity of 3GIS masts and towers for LTE (4G)

The new mobile LTE (4G) network is being implemented all across Sweden. This requires an upgrade of many of the existing structures – primarily guyed masts – to carry the increased antenna loads. Ramboll assists 3GIS in their upgrading process, in an one-shop solution.

Supply of towers to WTTIL

RTI are continuously meeting clients across India introducing the Ramboll design. With the presence of Ramboll IMIsoft in Hyderabad RTI were able to meet with WTTIL and in record time all technical discussions and commercial negotiations were completed and the manufacturing and supply of Ramboll towers could start.

Supply of towers to NSN

Ramboll Telecom Indonesia has entered a frame agreement with Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) for delivery of towers throughout Indonesia. As part of the agreement it was agreed that Ramboll would educate the contractors in the Ramboll Tower concept as well as supervise the first installation of towers.

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