Over the years, we have solved many distinctive and challenging projects for our customers. Ramboll’s Project excellence programme is dedicated to providing clients with world class project management competencies and the very best results.

Ramboll participates in designing of the world’s largest Biomass Power Unit in Poland

Ramboll has signed a contract with Foster Wheeler Energy Ltd to design automation, electrification and instrumentation for the world’s largest power plant fired entirely by biomass fuel. The new CFB (Circulating Fluidized Bed) “Green Unit” will be built and located in Polaniec, Poland. The Ramboll contract was signed on June 29, 2010.

Siekierki Biomass Conversion

Siekierki CHP boiler OP230 K-1 conversion to biomass fired BFB boiler. The project included conversion of the boiler and implementation of biomass handling systems.

Holstebro-Struer CHP plant

First CHP plant to mix inland fuel such as waste, straw, wood chips and bio gas.

Offering expert advice to the world’s largest wood pellet port terminal

In Immingham, UK, Graham Construction appointed Ramboll as special adviser for the design and development of the Immingham Renewable Fuels Terminal (IRFT). Today, it stands as the world’s largest port terminal for wood pellets.

Biomass power plant in Fusine

Ramboll assisted in the procurement of a new wood-chip fired biomass power plant designed to receive, handle and incinerate 55,000 tonnes of biomass per annum.

Converting Lynemouth Power Station to biomass

Ramboll is providing engineering consultancy services to the conversion of Lynemouth Power Station from coal to biomass. The converted plant will export around 390MW of low carbon electricity to the national grid.

From coal to biomass at Studstrup Power Station

Studstrup Power Station in Aarhus is about to reach the end of its service life and will now undergo extensive renovation. Ramboll is advising the plant's owner, DONG Energy, in all project phases for this work from analysis through to commissioning.

Boiler conversion to biomass at DuPont production site

In 2015, Ramboll entered a contract for the bioconversion of one of DuPont’s production plants in Denmark.

Akershus Fjernvarme AS

One of the worlds most efficient biomass power plant for district heating is situated in Lillestrøm near Oslo, Norway. Ramboll was consultant to Akershus Fjernvarme AS and assisted the client with the planning and procurement of the new plant.

Dalderse Sludge Treatment Centre co-digestion feasibility study

The Sludge Treatment Centre at Dalderse in Falkirk, Scotland, is part of a large waste water treatment works dating from the 1960s and owned by Scottish Water. In 2010, Ramboll investigated using biogas by-products from the works to fuel vehicles or supply the gas grid. Ramboll Energy's current feasibility study determines the measures necessary to implement co-digestion of commercial and industrial waste with sewage sludge, and updates our earlier findings on exploiting the biogas as a commercial energy resource.At Dalderse, 432 tonnes per day of sewage sludge from several sites is digested in two mesophilic anaerobic digesters, where bacteria break down the sludge to produce methane and other by-products. Anaerobic digestion is standard UK practice for rendering a harmful mat ...

Waste to Energy – Independent Consultant for Hong Kong Sludge Treatment Facility

The plant will receive up to two thousand wet tonnes of municipal sewage sludge per day, transported by road from eleven sewage treatment works. This sludge will be treated in four incineration streams, consisting of fluidized bed furnaces with heat recovery and flue gas cleaning equipment. Ramboll is ‘Independent Consultant’ for the process elements of the plant, working closely with another consultant in Hong Kong.

Refurbishment of 150 kV lines at Studstrup Power Station

Studstrup Power Station in Aarhus is about to reach the end of its service life and will now undergo extensive refurbishment. Ramboll is advising the owner of the plant, DONG Energy, in all project phases for this work from analysis through to commissioning.

Biomass conversion & lifetime extension of Avedøre Unit 1

In 2016, DONG Energy’s Avedøre Power Plant Unit 1 will deliver green heat and power to the citizens of Copenhagen. Besides a bio-conversion the project also comprises a lifetime extension which is planned for 2018. Ramboll advises on the project that constitutes a major and highly efficient biomass conversion scheme.

Avedøre Power Station - one of the world's most efficient multi-fuel power plants

Ramboll Power has, since the conception of Avedøre Power Station's Unit 1 in the 1980s been a regular provider of expertise to the owner DONG Energy on a wide range of specialist issues.

Heat without hurt

Frederiksværk, Denmark, is not a big city in any way - but especially when it comes to CO2 emissions. That’s because in 2002-03, Ramboll worked with city council to install a new wood-chip boiler plant that made the total heat supply of the city CO2 neutral.

The world's largest bioethanol plant is ready for production

DONG Energy's new biofuel plant in Kalundborg, Denmark, produces second generation bioethanol. Ramboll has played an important role in the construction of the plant. The advanced 3D modelling in particular has been crucial for finishing the project ahead of the COP15 conference.

Biofuel as a sustainable alternative in the aviation industry

With the introduction of new technologies, biofuels could make out a sustainable strategy in the Norwegian aviation industry by 2025. But it takes by-product sales to make it profitable, states Ramboll report.

Skolkovo Innovation Center: A creative forerunner

Ramboll is Client Consultant to the Skolkovo Foundation, established by the Russian President to develop Skolkovo Innovation Centre. Covering an area of 400 ha just outside of Moscow, the Centre is supposed to be Russia’s response to Silicon Valley.

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