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Visualisation of blue-green environment in dense future city. Photo: EG Architects
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Client: Alvstranden Development Ltd (Älvstranden Utveckling AB)
Completion: 2015

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Gullbergsvass and Gothenburg’s new RiverCity

Gothenburg, Sweden ¤

Gullbergsvass is one of seven neighbourhoods in central Gothenburg’s port area to be transformed into the attractive new ‘RiverCity’. Ramboll performed a feasibility study for the 90 hectare district as a basis for stakeholder dialogue on the development. RiverCity promises to position Gothenburg as one of the top five cities in Europe for growth potential. 

In response to challenges such as social exclusion, climate change, and an evolving economy, the RiverCity offers exciting new opportunities to create an inclusive, attractive and sustainable area in central Gothenburg. The old port and industrial areas will make place for new residential areas and working places up to a total building area of 5 million m2 and will be designed in a way that connects the whole city, embraces the water and reinforces the regional centre.

In spring 2014, Ramboll was selected as lead consultant for a feasibility study of the Gullbergsvass district with Eric Giudice Architects and Liljewall Architects as sub-consultants.

1.5 million m2 mixed use district

In Gullbergsvass, which is currently dominated by infrastructure and logistics facilities, there is room for around 1.5 million m2 of residential area with capacity for up to 22,000 new residents and up to 24,000 jobs.

The district will be reinforced with a mix of uses, which both builds on the local qualities of the neighbourhood as well as a new, large park. The area will be well connected with surrounding districts and integrated more effectively with the water through new walking paths along the river.

Creating a distinct identity

Henrik Undeland, Ramboll Market Director for Planning & Urban Design in Sweden, explains, “To move from overall vision to implementation, we have considered the area’s unique character and history and developed the three approaches of ‘Teamwork, Visible Democracy and Local Anchoring’ to show how the vision can give Gullbergsvass its own identity and role in Gothenburg. Different mixes of these approaches give rise to different identities and development possibilities, which we have exemplified in three potential eventualities: ‘Blocks City, European City and Cluster City’.”

The feasibility study forms a basis for discussion with citizens and stakeholders, which will shape the future direction of development in the area.

Ramboll has provided landscaping, technical engineering, traffic and mobility planning and competences for energy and sustainability discussions in conjunction with officials from the local authorities.

The study was presented in March 2015 and marks the beginning of a long planning period with the goal of completing this part of the city by 2050.



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