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Taq Taq Oil Field
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Client: Taq Taq Operating Company Ltd (TTOPCO)

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Taq Taq Oil Field

Kurdistan, Iraq ¤

The Taq Taq field is located in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq approximately 60 km northeast of Kirkuk, 85 km southeast of Erbil, and 120 km northwest of Sulaimaniyah.

The oil field consists of an Early Production Facility (EPF) and a Tanker Loading Station (TLS) situated approximately 9 kilometres away from the EPF. The stabilised crude oil from the EPF is transferred to the TLS via a 16” oil trunkline. The site also includes the oil wells themselves, a main camp and warehousing facilities.

Ramboll conducted a fire safety assessment. The objectives of this were:

  • Identification and assessment of the fire / explosion hazards and risk  mitigation measures in place.
    Identification of the fire safety systems in place. The fire safety systems in place have been verified with regard to their conformity to the design standards, TAQ TAQ OIL FIELD and with regard to their conformity to standards of good installation practise.
  • Identification and assessment of the manual and mobile fire fighting capability. Manual and fire fighting means will be checked and verified for their adequacy with regard to the realistic worst case incident scenarios inherent to the hazards related to the handled projects and related to the installations.
  • Identification and assessment of procedures and maintenance records in place.

Following this, Ramboll made recommendations to the operator. In addition, a budget estimate has been prepared and a fire safety upgrading masterplan.