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Client: The Government of Greenland
Completion: 2013

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Stimulating sustainable development for the people of Greenland

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A multidisciplinary team of Ramboll engineers and Ramboll Management Consulting experts will equip Greenlandic companies to become competitive subcontractors for large natural resource projects. The competitive platform will ensure sustainable development for Greenlandic society.

The interest in oil, minerals, gold and iron contained in the Greenland subsoil has triggered a boom in mineral exploration. Today, a few companies have received licenses to conduct test drilling and will start extracting resources before long.

The new opportunities within oil and natural resources require a great deal of sensitivity when it comes to assessing the consequences for people and nature. Consequently, it is imperative to step cautiously to ensure sustainable solutions.

Strengthening companies’ qualifications
To help Greenlandic companies, the Government of Greenland is strengthening professional qualifications in a number of sectors that engage developers, transport and security personnel, craftsmen, shipping workers and service as well as health care staff. The project is spearheaded by Ramboll and Ramboll Greenland.
Ove Karl Berthelsen, Greenland's Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources, is looking forward to the cooperation:

- Greenlandic companies get a unique opportunity to gain foothold in the growing natural resources sector since Ramboll will help them in the preliminary phases that are often the hardest.

Strong presence equals local insight
Our presence in Greenland means that we possess in-depth expertise regarding local conditions in the country – and have an obligation to help ensure that the radical changes underway progress smoothly.

- The project will hopefully help create employment, bolster the companies’ competencies and ensure Greenland's sustainable development, says Henrik Rosenberg Seiding, Project Director of Ramboll Management Consulting.

- We deliver a unique service that combines local presence and strong competencies within areas such as raw materials and geology with management services such as business development and project management.

Further training and partnerships
Ramboll is currently analysing the gap that exists between the competencies that global companies demand and the competency level Greenlandic companies offer. Ramboll will subsequently assess the specific initiatives to be implemented and select the companies to be included in the training and partnership programme scheduled for 2013.

The intention is to develop companies’ skills in areas like cooperation and business development, consortium formation, tender monitoring, contract law and different types of cooperation. This will be achieved through further training or concrete partnerships that put Ramboll on a one-on-one course to support specific companies in their development.

- The challenge is to select the companies, where we can create the biggest effect. If we can help Greenlandic companies to secure new contracts and further upgrade some companies' competencies, we will have reached our goal, says Managing Director of Ramboll’s operations in Greenland, Henrik Fenger Jeppesen.