Database with all onshore wind turbines in Germany

Windpark Deutschland (2017): More than 26,000 wind turbines (onshore), situated in geographically correct position

Windpark Deutschland (2017): More than 26,000 wind turbines (onshore), situated in geographically correct position


Oliver Grüning

Oliver Grüning

Senior Expert Wind Assessment
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Services we provided

Providing important reference data for new onshore wind farms.

Since the beginning of our work in the field of onshore wind energy we have focused on neighbouring turbines which could be used as a reference for our projects. As input for our project managers working on wind assessments and as a source for graphical output (GIS), we have therefore built and maintained a database of all wind turbines in Germany.

Technical as well as geographical (coordinates) information, special operating conditions or power curves, date of commissioning, owner etc. are collected in the database.

The first version included data from WMEP program beginning in the 1980s. Subsequently, data provided by IWES/IWET was added as well as a listing published by “German Bundesnetzagentur”.

The database is updated constantly and frequently (at least monthly) while processing assessments.

Technical data:

As per May 2017 the total number of existing turbines is 26,400, while the number of dismantled turbines is 3,700. Information consists of technical (hub, rotor, power) and geographical data (x, y, z etc.), information about date of commissioning or relevant criteria (power curves), owner, complexity etc.

Services provided:

  • Information about turbines and their technical criteria
  • Basis on which to perform spatial calculations, for example concerning complexity all over Germany etc.
  • Basis on which to generate low-scale mapping showing turbines (BWE)
  • Basis on which to generate graphical information for atlases etc. (Westermann “Schulatlas”)

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