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Client: Municipality of Tromsø, Norway

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Arctic 360°, Roundtable

Tromsø, Norway ¤

Ramboll Roundtable about challenges and solutions for the societal development in the Arctic
23 – 24 October 2013

The Ramboll Roundtable in Tromsø, Norway was a very important initiative of Ramboll Arctic 360o, that achieved to gather important stakeholders to a discussion about challenges and solutions for the societal development in the Arctic. As a starting point for the discussion Group Director Henrik Rosenberg Seiding presented Ramboll’s recent survey and analysis of the opportunities and risks associated with the present shift in social development in the Arctic region. The region is experiencing increased interest from multinational companies in the energy, oil & gas, mining and other commodity industries, which brings new challenges to the Arctic cities. But what are the sustainable solutions for the future? Ramboll brings this question in the forefront of contemporary discussions on development and investment in the Arctic regions.

The primary focus of the Roundtable was the performance of six Arctic cities within parameters such as growth, sustainability, social resilience and competence level. The six cities are: Nuuk, Tromsø, Narvik, Luleå, Gällivare and Oulu, and spread across four countries Finland, Sweden, Norway and Greenland (Kingdom of Denmark).

On the second day of the Roundtable, Herbert Dreiseitl, the Director of the Liveable Cities Lab, started the discussion upon liveable urban development in the Arctic with a presentation on facts, challenges and opportunities of four cities of the Arctic (Nuuk, Tromsø, Gällivare, and Oulu), looking in geography, urban form, connectivity and mobility were discussed, along with social, environmental and cultural challenges of the different cities.

The Round Table in Tromsø was the first in a series, where Ramboll is gathering leading stakeholders for discussions on import issues related to a sustainable development of the society and industry in the Arctic.


More information

Report: Sustainable society development in arctic cities
Through a case study of six Arctic cities in four countries, this analysis aims to provide insight into the dynamics of urban development and the strategic options of decision makers in the Arctic region.
Report: Sustainable society development in arctic cities (2.9 MB)
Vista from Tromsø. Click to view video
Meet some of the stakeholders who participated in the round table in this video

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Director, Liveable Cities Lab
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