Global megatrends influence the lives of millions of people around the world. These megatrends form the basis of the solutions we provide. See how we work to provide solutions to the global challenges - and let's talk megatrends.
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Articles | Urban Life

Under pressure - how to make urban nature flourish

As urbanisation increases, the challenge to keep green areas green gets more complicated. However, it can be done – and with added benefits.

Articles | Urban Life

What is a liveable city?

Clean air, affordable housing and better prevention against crime, floods and traffic accidents. These are some of the main areas in which local authorities can increase their efforts, says a new survey.

Articles | Green Transition

How to build a smart energy system

More and more countries, regions and cities are making energy strategies. That’s a complex planning task, especially if the goal is to be fossil-free and cost-efficient.

Articles | Urban Life

Igniting district heating in the UK

A new EUR 370-million government scheme will boost energy efficiency in UK homes and businesses. The clients need planning expertise from the micro to macro levels.

Articles | Urban Life

A united approach

US cities are increasingly inspired by an integrated way of looking at urban planning.

Expert columns | Urban Life

Wastewater treatment: an undervalued driver of sustainability

Wastewater is no longer waste as innovation enables water reuse and resource recovery.

Expert columns | Urban Life

District energy can accelerate the transition to a low carbon society

Articles | Connected Society

A train to the future

Helsinki to Stockholm in less than half an hour? No, it is not a Utopian fantasy – the Hyperloop high-speed rail plans are making the prospect more and more realistic.

Articles | Urban Life

Building stronger with digitalisation

To create better quality and avoid cost overruns, the entire engineering and construction sector needs to digitalise.

Articles | Urban Life

Walk this way

Cities around the world have been implementing cycling strategies for the past 10 or 20 years. Walking strategies are still rare – but on the go.

Articles | Green Transition

District cooling makes Carlsberg City greener

A centralised cooling system is easy to install and cheaper and more efficient than individual chillers – in Copenhagen as well as in warmer climates.

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