Global megatrends influence the lives of millions of people around the world. These megatrends form the basis of the solutions we provide. See how we work to provide solutions to the global challenges - and let's talk megatrends.
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Expert columns | Climate changes

District energy can accelerate the transition to a low carbon society

How can you accelerate implementation of the Paris Climate Accord?  That is the common theme of the side events at Cop22 Climate Conference in Morocco right now.

Articles | Resource scarcity

Eco-friendly land development on the rise

In a time of resource scarcity and urbanisation, recycling and land development must go hand in hand. A new technology using recovered materials transforms formerly uninhabitable areas into prime neighbourhoods – benefiting the environment and economies around the world.

Expert columns | Climate changes

How climate adaptation can improve quality of life and save costs

By combining technical and socioeconomic competences, it is possible to optimize investments in climate adaptation solutions – so they are sustainable for the citizens of today as well as for future generations.

Articles | Climate changes

Primer: Enabling Green Energy Transition

85% of the world's energy consumption comes from fossil-fuelled power plants. However, this balance is challenged by an ever increasing need for more and greener energy. This is a task that calls for an improvement of the energy efficiency and a change in the choices of fuel.

Articles | Resource scarcity

Forming foundations for the future

The global wind industry continues to break records for new investments and capacity, but high costs remain a major challenge. As the fastest-growing part of the sector, the offshore wind industry is finding new ways to design smarter turbine foundations to help ensure a renewable – and affordable – future.

Articles | Resource scarcity

Smart extension of platform lifetime

High-tech measurements can minimise the cost of maximising recovery from existing oil and gas fields. “Ground-breaking technology,” says a professor at the Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre.

Articles | Resource scarcity

How to recycle infrastructure

When cities have a housing shortage and transport capacity issues, they need to think differently. Ramboll is helping Europe’s most congested city do just that.

Articles | Resource scarcity

Value engineering - more for less

In a resource-scarce world, getting more out of less is a must for engineering projects to succeed from a lifecycle perspective. It is essential to optimise each and every detail in the large-scale infrastructure projects to make the most of the innovative investments in the short and evenly important - the very long run. Value engineering is key in long-standing mobility projects.

Articles | Innovation and technology

Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link: In a league of its own

The design of the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link rethinks existing tunnel building standards and improves functionality and safety through optimisation – above and below water. Get a few insights on one of the world's most innovative, ongoing mega-engineering projects of our time.

Blogs | Sustainability

The Hidden Backbone of the Liveable City

Imagine you are standing on a green roof top. You cannot see, hear or smell any sign indicating how the energy is generated and what happens to waste water and waste. Only in the distance you notice some activity in an industrial area. In the farm land there is no landfills, no polluted rivers and no power plants. Instead the farmers produce surplus. The Hidden Backbone of the Liveable City is a post from: Urban Energy Solutions

Blogs | Sustainability

Two Energy World Records in Vojens

The town Vojens is known all over the world for Vojens Speedway Center, starting with Ole Olsen, world champion several times. Today Vojens is also known to be the solar city number one. The local consumer-owned district  heating company Vojens Fjernvarme is in 2014/2015 in the process of establishing the world largest, 70,000 m2, solar heating plant and the world largest, 200,000 m3, underground thermal seasonal heat storage in an old sand pit. Two Energy World Records in Vojens is a post from: Urban Energy Solutions

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