Global megatrends influence the lives of millions of people around the world. These megatrends form the basis of the solutions we provide. See how we work to provide solutions to the global challenges - and let's talk megatrends.
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Articles | Innovation and technology

How to build a smart energy system

More and more countries, regions and cities are making energy strategies. That’s a complex planning task, especially if the goal is to be fossil-free and cost-efficient.

Articles | Innovation and technology

Safer train stations with 3D technology

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) measures wind pressure at railway stations, ensuring passengers are not knocked off their feet. It can save time and money too.

Expert columns | Sustainability

Wastewater treatment: an undervalued driver of sustainability

Wastewater is no longer waste as innovation enables water reuse and resource recovery.

Articles | Innovation and technology

A train to the future

Helsinki to Stockholm in less than half an hour? No, it is not a Utopian fantasy – the Hyperloop high-speed rail plans are making the prospect more and more realistic.

Articles | Innovation and technology

Building stronger with digitalisation

To create better quality and avoid cost overruns, the entire engineering and construction sector needs to digitalise.

Articles | Growth and leadership

Why top executives struggle with change

Public sector executives still struggle to grasp the dimensions of change projects. A new study on implementation examines the biggest barriers and how to overcome them.

Articles | Innovation and technology

We cracked it! Anchoring underground structures.

Creating structures below ground and under high water pressure is challenging. And when even anchors cannot withstand the forces of the ocean, you need to get creative.

Expert columns | Innovation and technology

A faster building process pays off

Haste makes waste, or so the old saying goes. But this is not always true, as Ramboll concluded after improving its so-called Fast Track model.

Articles | Resource scarcity

Forming foundations for the future

The global wind industry continues to break records for new investments and capacity, but high costs remain a major challenge. As the fastest-growing part of the sector, the offshore wind industry is finding new ways to design smarter turbine foundations to help ensure a renewable – and affordable – future.

Articles | Innovation and technology

Into the third dimension

Contractors worldwide are starting to demand the implementation of 3D technology, and with good reason – they simply gain much higher returns on their investments.

Articles | Innovation and technology

The marriage of form and function

Effective collaboration between architects and engineers can reduce critical errors, long delays and cost overruns throughout the building process.

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