Global megatrends influence the lives of millions of people around the world. These megatrends form the basis of the solutions we provide. See how we work to provide solutions to the global challenges - and let's talk megatrends.
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Articles | Growth and leadership

Why top executives struggle with change

Public sector executives still struggle to grasp the dimensions of change projects. A new study on implementation examines the biggest barriers and how to overcome them.

Articles | Growth and leadership

Management team research: Internal competition hurts the organisation

A competitive climate within management groups can lead to burn-out, uncertainty and low performance, research reveals. Spend less time on end results and engage more in employee relations and constructive leadership to elevate motivation and productivity, expert advises.

Articles | Growth and leadership

Mobility and connectivity - keywords of the 21st century

Governments and urban planners need to think mobility ahead of traffic when designing the infrastructure of tomorrow. Smart mobility solutions can be a steppingstone for growth – mobility is the end, infrastructure the means.

Articles | Growth and leadership

How overcoming fear may change your business for good

Game changer: When a paradigm shift like the digital one shows its brutal face, top management and marketing executives must get out of their comfort zones. But driving multi-channel sales is easier said than done admit two international experts who learned it the hard way.

Articles | Growth and leadership

The ideal CIO has CEO potential

Digital strategies are becoming an integral part of business strategies in best practice companies. But the integrated approach to IT and business technology is rarely reflected in the relationship between the CIO and the CEO, report reveals. By Jesper Toft Madsen

Articles | Growth and leadership

How to turn customer insight into loyalty and growth

Metro case study: Since 2010, the Copenhagen Metro has experienced massive passenger growth, and users have also become more loyal. The positive trend can be traced back to a commercial strategy based on an extensive study of transport and travel habits in Copenhagen.

Articles | Growth and leadership

A new way to involve citizens in public decision-making

Setting the direction for an entire region is like flying a plane with hundreds of captains in the cockpit. That is, if you’re ambitious enough to invite them in of course. The German State of Schleswig-Holstein finds itself in the middle of a complex development process where the level of citizen participation reaches new heights. And the forecast is that the approach will empower the regional strategy to become long-term sustainable. By Jesper Toft Madsen

Articles | Growth and leadership

Expect to be surprised

How do you respond to an outburst of discontent that ruins your game plan? Developing as a leader is not just about tools. It is about refining your practical judgement.

Articles | Innovation and technology

Business technology as the catalyst for customer intimacy

Growth companies have set their sights on using technology to edge even closer to their customers. Fresh studies reveal that business strategies shift towards customer intimacy as senior executives believe that the biggest potential for differentiation lies in customer-focused IT strategies and the unique customer experience.

Articles | Growth and leadership

Lead the leaders: How to build a dynamic management group

The dynamics of a great management team empower every member to achieve more in the group than what the most talented individual can accomplish alone. An expert in management team development highlights the most determining factors for establishing a successful team.

Articles | Growth and leadership

The commercial potential of customer experience

Traditionally, customer focus hasn’t been a big deal in the pharmaceutical industry. But this year, a movement from products to patients has seen the industry make the biggest improvement of all in creating valuable customer experience. The trend towards strategic customer focus is becoming a megatrend with commercial potential for all industries, CEMindex 2014 reveals.

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