Global megatrends influence the lives of millions of people around the world. These megatrends form the basis of the solutions we provide. See how we work to provide solutions to the global challenges - and let's talk megatrends.
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Expert columns | Climate changes

How climate adaptation can improve quality of life and save costs

By combining technical and socioeconomic competences, it is possible to optimize investments in climate adaptation solutions – so they are sustainable for the citizens of today as well as for future generations.

Articles | Globalisation

Making welcoming centres more welcoming

The growing numbers of immigrants in Europe are putting migration authorities under pressure. Ramboll restructured 10 German aliens authorities – to the benefit of the clients, the employees and the authorities. The combined approach was the key to success, say the German authorities.

Articles | Resource scarcity

How to recycle infrastructure

When cities have a housing shortage and transport capacity issues, they need to think differently. Ramboll is helping Europe’s most congested city do just that.

Blogs | Climate changes

Cop21 – Final thoughts and the road ahead

So now we know the outcome from COP 21. Twenty-three years on from the Earth Summit where it might be said to have all started, and 21 conferences later, the world nations have agreed a text of enormous implications; a turning point in the battle to save our planet.

Blogs | Climate changes

Time to mix it up: the global energy crisis

We only need to look at our daily lives to realise how reliant we have become on energy. Developed countries very rarely suffer from intermittent supply of electricity but on the rare occasions we do experience a power cut, it doesn’t take long for us to appreciate how dependent we have become.

Blogs | Climate changes

Taking the long perspective

We’re all familiar with the “fight or flight” response that we humans exhibit when faced with a threat. It’s been key to the survival of our species but could arguably be getting in the way of making effective decisions about the long term future of our planet.

Blogs | Climate changes

Transport and climate change – All about the transport providers or is it up to us to make a difference?

Transport is a key contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, with the sector contributing approximately a quarter of UK emissions. Like many people I try to do what I can to reduce my own emissions and use a car less often than I might. However, this isn’t always easy.

Blogs | Climate changes

Climate Justice – Resilience for All

Sadly, those least responsible for climate change often suffer the consequences of it and equally, measures to be resilient to the impacts of climate change normally only occur after a disaster, if it all, as is the case for many poor or developing nations.

Expert columns | Innovation and technology

Real-time planning with Big Data

Expert's column: Creating the perfect framework for seamless mobility is a challenge at city, regional and national levels. How to make the right traffic plan? Big Data can be part of the answer.

Articles | Innovation and technology

Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link: In a league of its own

The design of the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link rethinks existing tunnel building standards and improves functionality and safety through optimisation – above and below water. Get a few insights on one of the world's most innovative, ongoing mega-engineering projects of our time.

Articles | Urbanisation

Boosting North American infrastructure

Heavier traffic and long-overdue maintenance. Time has caught up with many North American transport networks. Large-scale public spending plans have now been announced to close the gaps and accelerate infrastructure development. Americans are looking to Europe in their quest for long-term solutions.

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