Global megatrends influence the lives of millions of people around the world. These megatrends form the basis of the solutions we provide. See how we work to provide solutions to the global challenges - and let's talk megatrends.
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Blogs | Climate changes

Cop21 – Final thoughts and the road ahead

So now we know the outcome from COP 21. Twenty-three years on from the Earth Summit where it might be said to have all started, and 21 conferences later, the world nations have agreed a text of enormous implications; a turning point in the battle to save our planet.

Articles | Climate changes

We cracked it!

Until now, no waste-to-energy plant in Denmark has used heat pumps to boost flue gas condensation and recover heat. No one believed it could be done cost-effectively. However, the design team at Ramboll Energy had other ideas.

Blogs | Climate changes

Time to mix it up: the global energy crisis

We only need to look at our daily lives to realise how reliant we have become on energy. Developed countries very rarely suffer from intermittent supply of electricity but on the rare occasions we do experience a power cut, it doesn’t take long for us to appreciate how dependent we have become.

Blogs | Climate changes

Taking the long perspective

We’re all familiar with the “fight or flight” response that we humans exhibit when faced with a threat. It’s been key to the survival of our species but could arguably be getting in the way of making effective decisions about the long term future of our planet.

Blogs | Climate changes

Transport and climate change – All about the transport providers or is it up to us to make a difference?

Transport is a key contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, with the sector contributing approximately a quarter of UK emissions. Like many people I try to do what I can to reduce my own emissions and use a car less often than I might. However, this isn’t always easy.

Blogs | Climate changes

Climate Justice – Resilience for All

Sadly, those least responsible for climate change often suffer the consequences of it and equally, measures to be resilient to the impacts of climate change normally only occur after a disaster, if it all, as is the case for many poor or developing nations.

Articles | Urbanisation

Cloudburst mitigation will prevent cities from drowning

After three massive cloudbursts in recent years, Copenhagen is preparing for climate change and the impact of future extreme weather. Over the next 30 years, Copenhagen will implement an ambitious cloudburst masterplan and a number of concretisation plans to protect the entire city against the damages of heavy rain.

Blogs | Sustainability

Two Energy World Records in Vojens

The town Vojens is known all over the world for Vojens Speedway Center, starting with Ole Olsen, world champion several times. Today Vojens is also known to be the solar city number one. The local consumer-owned district  heating company Vojens Fjernvarme is in 2014/2015 in the process of establishing the world largest, 70,000 m2, solar heating plant and the world largest, 200,000 m3, underground thermal seasonal heat storage in an old sand pit. Two Energy World Records in Vojens is a post from: Urban Energy Solutions

Blogs | Sustainability

The Hidden Backbone of the Liveable City

Imagine you are standing on a green roof top. You cannot see, hear or smell any sign indicating how the energy is generated and what happens to waste water and waste. Only in the distance you notice some activity in an industrial area. In the farm land there is no landfills, no polluted rivers and no power plants. Instead the farmers produce surplus. The Hidden Backbone of the Liveable City is a post from: Urban Energy Solutions

Blogs | Demographic changes

Longing for the Arctic Ocean

Last week I was on vacation in my hometown Vadsø. Vadsø is situated by the Varanger fjord, east in Finnmark. The town is located at 70 degrees north latitude. Summer conditions are affected by this location. It is not often that swimming is an appropriate activity.

Videos | Sustainability

Ramboll Energy Film

How do we produce sustainable and affordable energy and at the same time limit climate change? To meet that challenge we need to increase our energy efficiency and our use of renewables.

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