Global megatrends influence the lives of millions of people around the world. These megatrends form the basis of the solutions we provide. See how we work to provide solutions to the global challenges - and let's talk megatrends.
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Expert columns | Sustainability

Wastewater treatment: an undervalued driver of sustainability

Wastewater is no longer waste as innovation enables water reuse and resource recovery.

Expert columns | Climate changes

Policy Change under New U.S. Administration Won't Stop the Green Transition

Prices for solar and wind power are falling sharply, and speeding the transition to green energy. At the same time, investors are increasingly turning away from fossil fuels. Anticipated changes in US energy policy under the U.S. administration taking over January 20 won’t stop this trend.

Expert columns | Climate changes

District energy can accelerate the transition to a low carbon society

How can you accelerate implementation of the Paris Climate Accord?  That is the common theme of the side events at Cop22 Climate Conference in Morocco right now.

Expert columns | Climate changes

How climate adaptation can improve quality of life and save costs

By combining technical and socioeconomic competences, it is possible to optimize investments in climate adaptation solutions – so they are sustainable for the citizens of today as well as for future generations.

Expert columns | Innovation and technology

A faster building process pays off

Haste makes waste, or so the old saying goes. But this is not always true, as Ramboll concluded after improving its so-called Fast Track model.

Expert columns | Innovation and technology

Real-time planning with Big Data

Expert's column: Creating the perfect framework for seamless mobility is a challenge at city, regional and national levels. How to make the right traffic plan? Big Data can be part of the answer.

Expert columns | Resource scarcity

Efficient bioconversion

Efficient bioconversion: Without wind, the majestic wind turbine cannot turn. Though not as iconic – and certainly less aesthetically pleasing, combined heat and power plants (CHP) represent a reliable alternative that can become an efficient frontrunner in the conversion to sustainable energy production.

Expert columns | Innovation and technology

Smarter thinking

Expert’s column: Smart technology can help us achieve visionary urban solutions, as we through intelligent information technology can learn a great deal about consumer lifestyle. This enables us to improve productivity, sustainability and enhance the quality of urban life.

Expert columns | Environmental issues

We need to improve oil recovery

Expert's Column: A Danish project, led by Aalborg University, is aiming to increase production efficiency, and improve the recovery process on offshore platforms. At the same time, this will benefit the environment.

Expert columns | Innovation and technology

Turn up the volume

Expert's column: From noise control to active design and installation of sound. The latest research shows that acoustic experts should get ready to turn up the sound.

Expert columns | Innovation and technology

Are we spending money in the best possible way to maintain our infrastructure?

Expert's Column: Every year, countries around the world make huge investments in the maintenance and expansion of infrastructure. But are we spending these funds in the right way? New technologies are paving the way for long-term and holistic solutions that benefit both the users and owners of this infrastructure.

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