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Primer: Enabling Green Energy Transition

85% of the world's energy consumption comes from fossil-fuelled power plants. However, this balance is challenged by an ever increasing need for more and greener energy. This is a task that calls for an improvement of the energy efficiency and a change in the choices of fuel. 

By Kristine Barenholdt Bruun

Here is how to meet the challenge:

  • Create an energy vision and strategy and involve key-stakeholders as early as possible.
  • Establish an integrated energy system that includes power grid, district heating/cooling grid and biogas grid. This will provide a flexible system with thermal storages which can use surplus heating/cooling and power from various sources, season and the time of day. Almost no energy is wasted in an integrated energy system and it can be based on 100% renewable sources.
  • Move energy facilities to the cities in order to use up to 100% of the energy from the surplus heat.
  • Convert power plants from coal to biomass while increasing the energy production from renewable sources.

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Primer: Enabling green energy transition