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A diverse career hits a new high

Seng Chuan Tan will be the man presenting the conclusions from the World Engineers Summit at COP21. Integrating environmental needs with clever engineering is a key motivation for him.


In a career spanning four decades, Seng Chuan Tan – or SC as he is known among colleagues – has delved into almost every engineering discipline available to him since his graduation from the National University of Singapore’s Faculty of Civil Engineering in 1983: from buildings to power generation to infrastructure projects  like Singapore’s Deep Tunnel Sewerage System and environmental management.

More recently, in his new position as Regional Managing Director for Asia-Pacific at Ramboll Environ in Singapore, SC Tan has moved on to sustainable development and climate change solutions.

“To integrate environmental quality into hardcore engineering and thereby develop sustainable solutions has become a big motivation for me,” says the Singaporean engineer, who also manages to find time to be active in professional organisations like the WFEO and APEC Engineers.

“I wanted to give something back to the engineering community and hopefully encourage younger generations to study engineering. I see that we as an engineering community can share many things with the developing countries, and if you work as a group, the contribution is just more powerful.”

SC Tan’s professional passion for the environment is also reflected in one of his main hobbies. An avid photographer, he enjoys taking pictures of nature and thus – as he puts it - documenting the environmental impacts on our globe.