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The Arctic is experiencing unprecedented interest from international companies looking to extract minerals, gems and oil, which is fuelling the economic and social development of countries straddling the region. 

Drawing on 30 years’ proven experience in the Arctic together and 400 experts based in 21 offices across the region, Ramboll works with customers on mining, oil & gas, transport, buildings, energy, water, waste, urban development and society-building initiatives.

Ramboll combines an integrated multi-disciplinary engineering and management service with a strong commitment to delivering environmentally and socially responsible outcomes that create enduring benefits for our customers and Arctic communities.


Meeting Arctic challenges

The proliferation and often short term nature of development initiatives is already prompting new challenges for the Arctic such as general trends towards urbanisation and a movement away from traditional occupations. This calls for holistic planning and sustainable outcomes that support society, for instance, by creating attractive places to live and lasting employment opportunities.

We act as a strategic partner for customers to address such challenges that are specific to the Arctic in three main areas:

  • Climate – We develop solutions for the transport, buildings, industry, mining and energy sectors that are resilient to Arctic’s extreme climatic conditions.

  • Environment – Ramboll helps minimise human interference with the Arctic’s sensitive natural environment by leveraging world class competences in environmental impact assessments and water and waste management.

  • Society – To navigate stringent legal requirements and ensure the rights and customs of indigenous people are protected, Ramboll’s extensive Arctic network enables effective stakeholder management and authority handling.

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Sustainable Arctic Development brochure
Sustainable Arctic Development
The Arctic is experiencing unprecedented interest from international companies looking to extract minerals, gems and oil, which is fuelling the economic and social development of countries straddling the region.
Sustainable Arctic Development brochure (PDF 2.1 MB)
Report: Sustainable society development in arctic cities
Sustainable society development in arctic cities
Through a case study of six Arctic cities in four countries, this analysis aims to provide insight into the dynamics of urban development and the strategic options of decision makers in the Arctic region.
Report: Sustainable society development in arctic cities (2.9 MB)


Arctic round table
Arctic Roundtable 2015

International experts and local decision-makers discuss development opportunities for the Greenlandic capital of Nuuk at a seminar of experts in Katuaq.

Sustainable society development in the Arctic
Oulo roundtable video
The future for Arctic infrastructure development
At a Ramboll-hosted roundtable meeting in Oulu, Arctic experts agreed that infrastructure development in the Arctic region hinges on cross-border political consensus and identifying viable funding solutions.
Roundtable held in Oulo, Finland, December 2014


Greenpeace report
Where can development come from – Potentials and pitfalls in Greenland’s economic sectors towards 2025.
Open report
Arctic Marine Testing, Training and Research Centre (ArcMaTe)

Ramboll has been appointed by the Finnish Ministry of Transport to investigate the commercial profitability of a new international Arctic centre of expertise to be established in the Gulf of Bothnia in Finland.
News: ArcMaTe


Greenland brochure
Greenland brochure

Greenland market brochure
Tromsø, Norway
Arctic Capital Tromsø
English summary on page 4. Norwegian public report.
Arctic Capital Tromsø (online report)



Significant projects in the arctic region

Nature on Greenland
Stimulating sustainable development for the people of Greenland

A multidisciplinary team of Ramboll engineers and Ramboll Management Consulting experts will equip Greenlandic companies to become competitive...

Nuuk harbour expansion
Greenland can save millions on harbour expansion
As the nerve centre of logistics, Nuuk Harbour is too small and can deny Greenlandic growth. According to a new socio-economic analysis from Ramboll...

The world largest pipelay vessel will install the record breaking 36
Polarled: Record-breaking subsea pipeline crosses the Arctic Circle

The Polarled pipeline project, which crosses the Polar circle, is part of the plans for developing fields further north in the Norwegian Sea. The...

Harpa Concert & Conference Center
Harpa Concert and Conference Center: Designed in 3D

Harpa Concert and Conference Center has been hailed as a symbol of Iceland’s economic dynamism and has since it opened in 2011 hosted a range of...

Arctic 360°, Roundtable
Workshop about challenges and solutions for the societal development in the Arctic
23 – 24 October 2013
Toppilansaari Park

Oulu is a town tucked away at the furthest reaches of the Baltic Sea, just one hundred miles south of the Arctic Circle. But it is not the sleepy...

Kirinskoye, Sakhalin – Installation engineering in the Arctic region

Kirinskoye is the first offshore field in Russia to utilise a subsea system for natural gas production. The field holds over 100 billion cubic metres...

Wind turbine
Fakken Wind Farm
Troms Kraft Produksjon AS has for decades been a major player within hydroelectric power production in Northern Norway. Their experience and focus on...

The Upton houses comprise of 165 residences, which is a mix of houses and flats. Visualisation: HTA Architects.
The homes of tomorrow
A new type of houses is emerging in the wake of the focus on climate change and energy costs. These so called passive houses are seen as the solution to...
Ramboll have built up a special expertise in the design and supervision of Arctic airports construction
Greenlandic Airports

In a country as large as Greenland, the only way to travel between towns is often by air. The airport development and maintenance done by Ramboll...

One of Ramboll's geologists, working with deployment of the equipment
Marine acoustic investigations for crossing Tromsø-Kvaløya

Ramboll maps ground conditions with marine acoustics for Statens Vegvesen as part of placement study for Fv862 new crossing...

Informing community development decisions in Jokkmokk
Like a number of Arctic towns, Jokkmokk in northern Sweden is experiencing population decline and face growing challenges in finding the right competences.


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Neel Strøbæk
Senior Group Director, Sustainability & CR
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