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02 December 2011

Ramboll gains ground on Stockholm Royal Seaport

Ramboll will help undertake the next phase of soil remediation works for one of Europe’s largest urban development initiatives, the Stockholm Royal Seaport. The area covers Husarviken in the North to Loudden in the South and when completed in 2025, it is expected to include 10,000 new homes and 30,000 new work spaces in eastern Stockholm.


A part of the area was historically used for industrial activities, such as gas production, before becoming largely unused despite its proximity to the city center. The City of Stockholm is now managing the soil remediation before handing it over to the construction companies that will build the houses and infrastructure.

Sustainable remediation

Ramboll has worked with the design of soil remediation in the area since 2003 and has now been appointed to design the excavation and soil remediation work in three areas including the gasworks and Erik Dahlbergsgatan. This work, which is planned to be completed by 2014, will need to be undertaken before the detailed design of infrastructure, roads, parks and houses takes place. The aim is to reuse as much of the excavated material as possible - based on previous excavations, it is hoped that around 60 percent of the soil can be reused.

"One of the main challenges we face is to gather information from the other parties involved in the project. Since we are first in the chain, we must work closely with them, and with our client, to ensure that we have an understanding of how deep the soil remediation work needs to be in the different areas," explains Helen Friis, project manager at Ramboll.

Breathing new life into eastern Stockholm

She adds, "This will be a very nice area as many of the old gasworks buildings will be kept intact, creating a nice cultural environment. Stockholm is in great need of this area as the city suffers from a considerable housing shortage. The Stockholm Royal Seaport will also have excellent connections to the Northern Link highway project which is currently being constructed."

The scheme also includes input from Ramboll landscape architects as well as our IT team, which is responsible for CAD-coordination for the entire project.


Helen Friis
Consultant, Environment
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