Ramboll Management Consulting recruits former Dimension Data CEO

23 August 2017

Ramboll continues to strengthen its Consulting practice. Sven Heinsen has been recruited from Dimension Data and is now the third top-recruit in less than a year.


Hans Lindeman

Hans Lindeman

Executive Director
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When Ramboll’s newest hires docked-in their PCs for the first time earlier this month, 48-year old Sven Heinsen was one of them. He joined the team August 1st as the new global leader of Business Technology in Ramboll Management Consulting. Although his surname has a Scandinavian sound to it, Heinsen is German.

Before joining Ramboll, Sven Heinsen served as CEO of Dimension Data’s German Organisation – a globally leading IT services provider. Adding to this, his CV includes management positions at avodaq, Telindus, and IBM.

In a perfect position

Heinsen, formally entitled Senior Director, has been recruited to ensure continued growth and success of the company’s Business Technology service line and to improve and expand the digitalisation services within this field. A job Sven Heinsen is eager to commence:

- For me, Ramboll is in a perfect position to become a leader in supporting our client’s digital transformation and to help create more value for their business. I also believe that my expertise in building consulting and service organisations, as well as my network in Germany and beyond, will be of value to both clients and Ramboll, says Heinsen who - among other things - was attracted by Ramboll’s approach to delivering sustainable consulting and engineering solutions.

- I find Ramboll’s commitment to sustainable societies very appealing because I share this value personally. More and more companies around the world incorporate sustainability in their Strategy. However, Ramboll is among an elite few when it comes to having the legacy to back-up the talk on sustainability. 

Forming strong relationships

With Sven Heinsen on board, Ramboll Management Consulting has now welcomed the third senior leader in less than 12 months. By the turn of the year, Markus Diederich joined as the new global Managing Director after a decade in top positions at consulting company Kienbaum Consultants International, and in autumn 2016 Hans Lindeman was recruited from Japanese conglomerate, Hitachi.

Heinsen will report to Lindeman who is pleased with the recent addition to the leadership team:

- I am really happy with Sven joining us. He has extensive experience of building and growing consulting and services companies, and deep knowledge in developing digital services, and successfully applying this to client organisations. On top of this, Sven is dynamic and a results-driven leader who is known for his ability to forge strong relationships with both colleagues and clients.

Sven Heinsen works out of Ramboll’s Hamburg office but will spend time with clients and teams across Europe. The Business Technology team is publicly best known for the yearly benchmark report It in Practice®.

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