Driving Ramboll to the top of Transport

18 April 2017

Peter Heymann Andersen is the new Global Director for Ramboll’s Transport division with 2600 employees and annual revenue of 319 million Euro. During the next four years, he will bring Ramboll into the global top league in Transport.

Peter Heymann Andersen

Peter Heymann Andersen


Peter Heymann Andersen

Peter Heymann Andersen

Managing Director, Transport
T: +45 5161 8454

He is an enterprising leader with strong commercial talent and extensive international experience, appointed by Ramboll to head the internationalisation of the company’s global Transport division. 

As new Managing Director of Transport, Peter Heymann Andersen (52) will work together with colleagues around the world to position Ramboll as a world leader in Transport and Infrastructure. His own personal ambition is to double Transport’s revenue in the next five years. 

He has been promoted from Ramboll’s own ranks, with his most recent role as Executive Director of Ramboll Energy. For the past seven years, the unit’s revenue increased 2½ times and the number of employees more than doubled from some 300 to 800. With projects in 45 countries and over half of its revenue generated abroad, Energy is also Ramboll’s most international business area. 

He will pursue this same kind of success in the Transport market. This involves developing Ramboll’s market from a primarily geographic focus, where local business relations are paramount, to becoming a more market-oriented business with an international mindset, in which global interdisciplinary cooperation is key. Along the way, he will examine and re-identify Ramboll’s focus areas in Transport and form a new international management team to achieve these visions.

Strong commercial and international mindset 

”Peter Heymann Andersen is one of our most experienced leaders in international business development and global expansion. He has a keen commercial mindset and client focus, and a great ability to inspire his managers and employees, so they take full ownership of the course he sets. After 16 years in Ramboll, he has an extensive international contact network, and I am confident that he is exactly the right person to take Ramboll to the next level as a global consultant in the Transport industry, says Søren Holm Johansen, Group Executive Director, Ramboll. 

Peter Heymann Andersen sees major opportunities in the international market for Transport and Infrastructure, where Ramboll is experiencing growing demand from clients internationally. 

”Ramboll has a solid platform in the Transport market and an even greater global potential when we unite our forces internationally. I see major opportunities within bridges, tunnels, harbours and aviation globally. In the rail market, we have very high expectations for our growth in Europe, where there are a many upgrade projects for metro, light rail and rail systems in the coming years. The internationalisation process underway in Ramboll Transport means that we are even better equipped to offer our clients the very best consultancy services from Ramboll. This increases our competitiveness and the global cooperation offers our highly competent colleagues new development opportunities,” says Peter Heymann Andersen, Managing Director for Ramboll Transport. 

Ramboll’s business unit for Transport is responsible for some of Denmark’s and the world’s largest infrastructure projects, including the Fehmarn Tunnel; Doha’s new Metro Green Line, a very important element of the city’s new metrosystem; the new Manila airport and harbour and Northern Europe’s largest bridge project, the Queensferry Crossing in Scotland. 

Peter Heymann Andersen holds a M.Sc. in Engineering from the Danish Technical University and a graduate degree in International Business. 

He has been married to Hanne for 20 years and has two children, age 19 and 22. In his spare time, he jogs in Denmark or elsewhere in the world, and enjoys detective stories and management strategy books, when he is not in the midst of completely renovating the family’s home in Rungsted, Denmark.

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