Ramboll to help build Denmark’s tallest building

10 August 2017
Ramboll has been chosen as consulting engineer for leading international fashion company Bestseller.
BESTSELLER tower and city

BESTSELLER tower and city

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By Andrew Somerville

A more than 300 meter high hotel is the centrepiece of new headquarters for Bestseller in its hometown in Brande, Denmark. A 60,000 m2 facility will house retail shops for the company’s clothing brands, as well as offices and a high-rise hotel with a conference centre.

The project aims to create a striking showcase of Bestseller’s products for customers and business partners and establish an attractive training environment for company employees.

“Ramboll has worked with Bestseller for a number of years,” says Kenneth Kjærgård Jørgensen, Head of Department for Industrial Buildings, Ramboll Denmark. “Our good relationship with them has without a doubt contributed to winning the contract, rather than the three other consultancies who bid on the project.” 

”It’s a really exciting project where we’ll be responsible for all design engineering and design management, giving us a super opportunity to display our full capabilities across Buildings in Denmark, but also internationally,” he says.

“As part of the project, we will make use of our strong international expertise in high-rise buildings, and draw on specialists from Singapore, Dubai, London and Glasgow.”

The contract will run over three years. Dorte Mandrup Architects A/S is responsible for the design.

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