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12 July 2015

Arctic Marine Testing, Training and Research Centre (ArcMaTe)

Ramboll has been appointed by the Finnish Ministry of Transport to investigate the commercial profitability of a new international Arctic centre of expertise to be established in the Gulf of Bothnia in Finland.

The ArcMaTe centre will provide training related to safe and environmentally responsible winter navigation, rescue operations, communications, and oil and chemical damage prevention, training, consulting and research activities. The main user groups for the centre include public authorities, shipping companies, equipment manufacturers, insurance, oil and gas companies, educational and research institutions, as well as the chemical industry.

As part of the planning phase, Ramboll is conducting an analysis of business conditions and market for ArcMaTe and will present three alternative business plans for the centre.

Ramboll Director, Maarit Vuorela, explains, “The project brings together Ramboll experts from Management Consulting, Finland, Norway and Russia across seven different offices in and around the Arctic region. It is a remarkable example of how bringing together our pan-Arctic competencies and experience creates additional value for our clients, which was reflected in the high quality score our bid in the face of very strong competition.”

ArcMaTe is politically important to Finland and is also included in the new Finnish governmental programme. If the center is anticipated to operate profitably, the investment phase will begin in 2016-2017 with completion and opening expected in 2020.

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Maarit Vuorela
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