Strategic Challenges

As part of IT in Practice Ramboll Management Consulting gives a number of diagnoses and suggestions for actions to main strategic challenges which some companies face in the coming years.


Steen Christensen

Director, Responsible for IT in Practice

Mathias Louis Holdsbjerg-Larsen

Consultant, Project manager for IT in Practice
Strategic challenges in IT in practice® cover a wide range of topics that are relevant in Danish companies. Here you will find the strategic challenges published in the newest version of IT in Practice 2017-2018:

Smart city is more than just technology (PDF)

The hand over of digital projects (PDF)

The disruptive potentials and risks of digitalasation (PDF)

Create business benefits through GDPR compliance projects (PDF)

Every business is unique. Factors such as market, technology, products, competencies and economics are important. This means that companies have different terms and thus face different opportunities and challenges at different times.

Therefore, the strategic challenges published in previous versions of IT in practice may still be relevant today.

Read the articles about strategic challenges from previous years's IT in practice

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