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Annual Report

Annual Report 2016

Annual Report 2016 as PDF (3.2 MB)

Company profile
Company profile
The world today faces far-reaching challenges that affect us all. Complex megatrends such as urbanisation, climate change, and resource scarcity require holistic solutions.
Enabling sustainable societies


CR Report 2016
Corporate Responsibility Report
Read or download the Corporate Responsibility Report 2016 (PDF, 3.5 MB)

Download the Corporate Responsibility Report 2015 (PDF)
Read the Corporate Responsibility Report 2015 (Issuu web reader)

Download CR reports from previous years

Annual Report 2016
Ramboll Foundation Report 2016

Read or download the Annual Report 2016 from the Ramboll Foundation

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Taking the low-carbon leap
Taking the low-carbon leap
Read Ramboll’s holistic take on liveability and growth in the new climate economy.
Taking the low-carbon leap (Issuu online publication)
Primer: Seven Building Blocks for Sustainable Cities
Seven building blocks for resilient cities

Read all the seven articles here in one document.

Seven buildings blocks for resilient cities (online reader)


Sustainable Arctic Development brochure
The Arctic is experiencing unprecedented interest from international companies looking to extract minerals, gems and oil, which is fuelling the economic and social development of countries straddling the region.
Sustainable Arctic development
Enabling Green Energy Transition
Enabling Green Energy Transition


Primer: Enabling Green Energy Transition


Buildings Market brochure
Read Ramboll’s holistic take on liveability and growth in the new climate economy.
Buildings for a better future
Infrastructure & Transport capability statement
Read more about our Infrastructure & Transport services in our capability statement.
Infrastructure & Transport engineering and consultancy services


Liveable cities brochure
Planning and Urban Design

Planning & Urban Design (online reader)

Water management creating opportunities


Environment and Health Market brochure
Environment & Health

Managing environmental & health risks
Front page of brochure on our energy services

Securing the energy supply


Click to read Oil & Gas market brochure. Picture of the brochure front page
Oil & Gas

Enabling oil & gas solutions