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Here you can download the Ramboll logo in 2 different formats. 
Ramboll's logo on report

About our logo

The transparency of the Ramboll logo reflects our open culture as well as our symbiotic relationship with customers, partners and the societies we are a part of.
In Danish, our name reads “Rambøll”, that is it contains the letter “ø” which is not known to an international audience. The logo’s triangular figure above the “o” makes it readable in both its English version “Ramboll” and in its original Danish version. The “o”-figure gives our logo a unique touch and also symbolises the need for identifying the core of any given engineering challenge. 
The logo was last updated in 2008 with the brighter and lighter cyan-blue colour, a friendlier typeface and rounded corners which all help to reflect that Ramboll is an ethical and people-based company.


Morten Peick, Group Director, Communications and Branding
Morten Peick
Senior Group Director, Communications and Branding
T+45 5161 6065