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Martin Willis

Director & Global Sports Sector Lead


Having previously spent eight years at Ramboll between 1998 and 2006, Martin joined Ramboll as a Director in 2014 and is responsible for delivering multi-disciplinary projects and leading teams.

His experience covers a range of sectors that include commercial, retail, sports and residential. Martin strives to understand in detail the client and stakeholder key drivers so he can use his experience to add value to projects where it matters most.

Martin also has an excellent track record in the sport, entertainment and leisure sector having worked on a number of national and international stadia, arena & leisure projects. Through working on such projects, Martin understands how the requirements of different disciplines need to be integrated together. These design management skills drive a well-coordinated and high value solution.

Recent projects

British Geological Survey offices

The new three-storey office building for the British Geological Survey at their Keyworth campus is the first large-scale building in the UK to use TermoDeck precast slabs supported on timber in a composite structural frame...

Campus Centre, University of Bedfordshire

With its £70m regeneration masterplan, the University of Bedfordshire aims to deliver a campus with an improved sense of community. The first phase concentrated on the new Campus Centre building, for which we supplied structural, fire and geotechnical engineering. It provides a student social hub, a lecture theatre, exhibition space, and catering and student support facilities, over four floors and a mezzanine.

The site in central Luton posed a number of challenges, and historic remains — including a moat — discovered during demolition works delayed progress. In addition, a live services tunnel had to be diverted and negotiations on boundary issues undertaken. The new building shares a wall with the neighbouring business school, and the school's basement in particular required a ...


An increase in personal data collection obliged a leading commercial organisation to purchase a seven hectare greenfield site on which to build a new data centre. A defining feature of this project was the detailed coordination between services and structures. A myriad of services was required to support the vast array of IT equipment. The building was designed to have no point of failure; everything is duplicated.

Our first job was to carry out large scale ground improvements to produce a level site. The risk of differential settlement necessitated the use of a cement stabilisation method in order to create a stiff solid platform for the 15,000 sq m ground slab. In addition, it acted as a piling mat and sub-base replacement beneath the 2k of road on site.

The struc ...

Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge

Use of renewable materials rarely comes bolder than at the newly affiliated Faculty of Education for the University of Cambridge.

We worked with German timber construction specialists, Merk, to advise on the three storey timber frame structure that houses the library and learning resource centre. The scale of the exposed Glulam beams is not purely aesthetic: fire engineering is integral to the design.

The other half of the new building contains lecture and theatre rooms. Here, a four storey reinforced concrete frame was chosen with exposed concrete slabs to create thermal mass — a strategy that will help reduce ongoing energy use.

A zinc-roofed atrium creates an internal street with timber bridges used as links at each level.

We worked as part of ...


An international centre for the study of sustainable construction at a leading Cambridge college for further education was designed to illustrate a range of sustainable solutions. We played a leadership role in liaising between numerous subcontractors, ensuring the smooth integration of techniques.

The main building is largely of timber and is L-shaped in plan. One wing houses teaching and classroom facilities and the other, a visitor centre. Nestled in the crook of the L is a second timber frame structure, diamond-shaped in plan. Here, a large workshop is sheltered by a suspended fabric roof — the largest hyperbolic shaped roof in the UK.

In the main building's north wing, 2.5m x 12m Lenotec wall panels are suspended from glulam beams. This prefabricated solution ...

The Whitworth

Through its impressive £15m reinvention, The Whitworth Art Gallery has cemented its place at the centre of the cultural national stage - winning the prestigious 2015 ArtFund Museum of the Year Award and is currently shortlisted for the RIBA Stirling Prize Award 2015.

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