Victoria Paramonova

Consulting engineer

T: +47 41635386

“Victoria has worked with transport projects throughout Norway since august 2010. She treasures close partnership with her colleagues with interdisciplinary meetings and rewarding discussions.”

How has your career at Ramboll evolved?

My position as a consultant in the Department of Road and Motorway Engineering in Oslo is my first after graduation. I started in August 2010 and received thorough training and guidance. Today, I am working on a lot of really exciting projects.

Can you describe what you do?

At the moment, I am participating in many interesting projects covering most of Norway. One of the main projects that I have been working on is the Ring 1 (bypass road) in Oslo. Our task was to create different alternatives for public transport which was very exciting.

I always work closely with colleagues from other departments which is something that makes my working day more educational, interesting and efficient. We often have interdisciplinary meetings where we discuss questions and challenges and find the best solutions.

What do you like the most about working at Ramboll?

I have a fun and demanding job with a lot of responsibility. I believe that two things are paramount if you wish to achieve good results: good cooperation and good working conditions. We have both here in Ramboll.

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