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Julia Vorgod
Julia has been working as a senior consultant in Legal Consulting since 2011. When she is not working, she enjoys spinning and weight-lifting.

Julia Vorgod

Senior Consultant, Attorney
E: juv@ramboll.com
M: +45 5161 8299
Fax: +45 5161 1001

Hannemanns Allé 53
DK-2300 Copenhagen S

What do you work with?
I am a lawyer and engage in many different aspects of this field. Some may think it sounds boring, but I am really interested in procurement law. Clients contact us if they are about to enter large procurement processes. We counsel them throughout the entire procedure, write the tender documents, compose the specification requirements and evaluate the suppliers’ bids. On this basis, we make some recommendations as to what supplier offers the best possible solution for our client.

How is cooperation between colleagues?
We often draw on colleagues specialising in other fields when working on procurements, for instance we have the possibility of calling in IT specialists for IT procurements. They possess deep knowledge about IT whereas I contribute with legal insights. This enables us to advise our clients throughout the entire process – from initial considerations to the final contract. Having specialists in-house is definitely one of Ramboll’s strengths. I really like working cross-disciplinary with highly skilled colleagues because it boosts me professionally.

Being employed in Ramboll, which opportunities do you value?
Ramboll is a large cooperation which means that the opportunities of working with international clients and different disciplines within law are great. For instance, we are involved in some interesting analyses of procurement rules for the European Commission. Also, some of my colleagues are stationed which means that they temporarily work full-time on projects for clients. This opportunity of being stationed, both nationally and internationally, really makes Ramboll an appealing workplace for me.