Jonathan A. Leonardsen

Jonathan A. Leonardsen

Senior Consultant

T: +45 51618045

Focusing on economics and urban development, Jonathan A. Leonardsen helps a wide range of organisations and cities understand how sustainable solutions can benefit cities, residents, businesses and other stakeholders. He is an expert in calculating socioeconomic analyses that map the benefits and costs of different urban development solutions, including climate adaptation, urban space utilization, Smart City strategies and other actions that can create more viable and sustainable cities.

Jonathan A. Leonardsen conducts analyses at both national and EU level. His most typical clients are NGO’s, Philantropies, cities and local governments who are working on the development of “the good life” in cities and in city-regions.

Jonathan A. Leonardsen's expertise include:

  • Liveability and Urban Planning
  • Socio-Economic Analyses
  • Climate Adaptation and blue-green infrastructure
  • Smart City strategies
  • Stakeholder inclusion

Furthermore, Jonathan A. Leonardsen has been part of Ramboll's international think tank: The Livable Cities Lab, in which he has worked with strategic advice on urban planning and development.


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