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Jonathan A. Leonardsen

Jonathan A. Leonardsen

Master of Science in International Finance from the Business School of the Berlin School of Economics and Law, Germany. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Economics, Roskilde University, Denmark, with a semester at the Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul, South Korea.
E: jal@ramboll.com
T: +45 51618045

My work influences the lives of hundred thousands of people 

My Job

Climate change greatly affects our infrastructure and how we organize ourselves in cities. One of the consequences is violent cloudbursts and floods. I work as a management consultant and I calculate solutions for cloudburst adaptation that are environmentally, socially and financially sustainable. One of the biggest projects I have been involved in is a climate adaptation project in New York where we worked as consultants. The aim of the project was to protect the city from cloudbursts. Here, we could utilise our knowledge and experience from Copenhagen to draft a tailored solution for New York. 

Projects in a grander perspective 

It is incredibly exciting to work on a project of this magnitude. In the end, my calculations will greatly influence both the lives of a large number of New Yorkers and what the city actually looks like – and that’s pretty wild to think about.

Jonathan has been an employee in Ramboll since 2012.