Daniel Halberg

Daniel Halberg Spiegelhauer

M.Sc. in Civil Engineering, Engineer

T: +45 5161 6731

Career opportunities within Buildings

Ramboll takes part when Danish and international companies build new headquarters, schools, production facilities, shopping centres, power plants or cultural buildings. Ramboll employs more than 3,000 people in the Buildings sector worldwide.

Endless possibilities for development 

I would strongly recommend working at Ramboll. There are endless possibilities for development, and the team spirit and colleagues are fantastic.

My work
It was Ramboll’s reputation for excellence that made me apply for a job. I figured it would be a great opportunity for me to learn as a graduate, fresh out of the university. And I was right in that assumption! In my job, I have plenty of opportunities to hone my skills – working on projects as diverse as a high-rise tower in the Carlsberg City District; a multi-storey car park and a new large-scale apartment complex in Nordhavn. Even if you are the youngest guy on the team, you will experience that you get as much work and as many responsibilities as you can take on. This really helps you grow both personally and professionally. 

I thrive on multidisciplinary teamwork
At Ramboll, teamwork is vital. I thrive on collaboration with other engineers, within my own field, and with other experts such as architects, project managers and people on the construction sites. 

My advice to students who want to join Ramboll: don’t be afraid to send an email or call the relevant department if you are interested in a job. 

Daniel Halberg began his career at Ramboll in 2012, right after finishing his education at DTU.

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