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Cities around the world are competing against one another to create attractive sustainable environments that increase satisfaction amongst local inhabitants and attract businesses and tourists.

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Managing Consultant
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Our experts have worked in some of the largest cities in the world—including London, Berlin, Singapore and Beijing—to help them become world-leading sustainable and liveable cities. We have also worked on high-profile liveable cities projects, such as Chicago Lakeside and Copenhagen Nordhavn.

We help cities become more liveable and improve their competitive edge through a holistic, cutting-edge city approach. Our design and engineering services complement our socio-economic and process competencies to create a comprehensive integrated service.

We add value by applying an integrated multidisciplinary approach with three interwoven components:

  • World-class technical expertise within areas like transport infrastructure, water and energy, sustainable buildings, and urban landscape and attractive harbour areas
  • Socio-economic competencies
  • Governance, process competencies and stakeholder management
Complex dilemmas and conflicts of interest often occur in relation to city development. We work with clients to simplify this process and make informed decisions by identifying, acknowledging and balancing dilemmas and conflicts.

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