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Ramboll Environ delivers value-added, site-specific solutions that address all aspects of the remediation process—from site investigation and feasibility studies to risk assessment, remedy selection, remedial design and construction management to site reuse. Our team includes specialists in geology, hydrogeology, human health risk assessment, ecological risk assessment and toxicology, uniquely placing us to manage the most technically demanding contamination assessment and remediation projects.

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Contaminated Land Auditing

Audit schemes have been established in most Australian States and Territories to ensure the protection of the environment and human health through proper management of contaminated land, particularly where a change in land use is proposed.

With six auditors accredited by the NSW Environmental Protection Authority and one accredited by WA Department of Environment Regulation, Ramboll has a substantial track record in conducting contaminated land audits. Our team of Auditors has a wide range of project experience and areas of technical expertise, and is supported by a team of relevant experts within Australia and internationally.

Statutory audits are conducted when a site audit statement is required by the EPA / DER or by a local or state government authority as a condition of development consent. Audits can also be conducted for non-statutory purposes, to streamline the investigation / remediation process for those selling, buying or developing a site by identifying what investigation or remediation is necessary to meet the project goals, for example, land suitability audits can be conducted to determine the suitability of a remediation strategy or a long-term management plan to meet these goals.

Contaminated Land Investigation and Remediation

The overarching guidance document for contaminated land assessment and audits is the National Environment Protection (Assessment of Site Contamination) Measure 1999 (the ASC NEPM). The ASC NEPM is made under the National Environment Protection Council Act 1994 and is given effect by individual legislation and guidelines in each state and territory. The ASC NEPM was amended in 2013 and has the goal of establishing a nationally consistent approach to the assessment of site contamination to ensure sound environmental management practices by the community, which includes regulators, site assessors, environmental auditors, landowners, developers and industry.

Our consultants provide solutions that are consistent with our clients' risk management strategies, liability identification aims, timing constraints, regulatory obligations and financial goals. Our services include:

  • Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessment
  • Remediation strategy design and implementation
  • Remediation supervision and validation
  • Risk-based management of property portfolios
  • Contaminated land management policy development and training
  • Monitoring and management plans
  • Legacy management

Select Project Experience

Barangaroo is a 22-hectare, $6+ billion urban renewal project on the western edge of Sydney Harbour. Audits of Barangaroo commenced in 2009. The site includes a former gasworks that is the subject of an EPA declaration and voluntary management proposal because of offsite migration of contaminants, including potentially into Sydney Harbour. The site has also been found to be extensively contaminated by asbestos as fragments of ACM in fill material. Audit tasks to date have included preparation of interim audit advice, Section B site audits reviewing individual site area remedial action plans (RAPs), and progressive review of validation documentation, with multiple portions to date signed off with a Section A site audit, rel="noopener noreferrer" including the landmark Barangaroo Reserve rel="noopener noreferrer" development. Audits have been conducted for Lend Lease and rel="noopener noreferrer" the Barangaroo Delivery Authority.

Waterbank is a 6-hectare redevelopment and revitalisation project sitting on the banks of the Swan River next to the Causeway in Perth detailed in the Riverside Masterplan. Ramboll experts were engaged to provide services rel="noopener noreferrer" as a contaminated sites auditor for the Waterbank Project.

Green Square
Green Square is a major urban redevelopment project located 3.5 km south of the Sydney CBD. The Green Square Town Centre is located over a former quarry that was backfilled as a landfill and used as an incinerator and for various depots. Urban renewal of the area involves the redevelopment of numerous sites for key infrastructure, parkland and public facilities, and residential apartments. Since 2002, our auditors have provided advice during the initial planning stages, development of the overall remedial strategy, and to meet the more recent specific development requirements to give confidence for future planning. Widespread manageable contamination issues were encountered, including rel="noopener noreferrer" asbestos, hydrocarbons and metals in fill. Audits have rel="noopener noreferrer" been conducted for Waverley Woollahra Joint Committee, Landcom (now UrbanGrowth rel="noopener noreferrer" NSW), City of Sydney, Green Square Consortium, rel="noopener noreferrer" Bridgehill Group and Mirvac.

Sydney Light Rail CBD and South East Light Rail
The Sydney Light Rail CBD and South East Light Rail project will extend 12 km from Circular Quay through the CBD to Kingsford and Randwick in the south. Site audit for the construction of the light rail has involved progressive advice during the planning rel="noopener noreferrer" stages to ensure that adequate contamination management processes are in place and will include an audit of the land use suitability where remediation is undertaken, i.e., Randwick Stabling Yards.

Pasminco Cockle Creek
The Pasminco Cockle Creek site is a former lead smelter located 13 km southwest of Newcastle that operated from 1897 to 2003. The site is subject to a Remediation Order focused on the migration of airborne dust containing lead and the migration of lead, zinc, cadmium and manganese from the site via surface water and groundwater. The audit was initiated to comply with development consents and orders. To date the auditor has prepared site audit reports on Remedial Action rel="noopener noreferrer" Plans for several sections of the site, provided progressive interim advice letters, and provided progressive final Site Audit Statements as the site has been remediated in stages for commercial and residential use.

Harbour Trust - Platypus
Platypus is a former Defence rel="noopener noreferrer" property and manufactured gasworks located on Sydney Harbour in Neutral Bay. A former gasworks from 1876 until the 1930s, activity was resumed as part of the war effort in 1942. The site operated as a Defence submarine base from 1967 until 1998. Originally engaged by Defence, site management was taken over by Harbour Trust. rel="noopener noreferrer" The auditor conducted an audit of the investigations and remediation including, on-site treatment of gasworks waste (stabilisation), construction of a groundwater cut-off wall, re-instatement of treated waste in a containment area and final capping across the site.

Oran Park Precinct
The Oran Park Precinct is a 1200-hectare residential subdivision in southwest Sydney. Mainly farm land, the site also included a former motor raceway and historical rel="noopener noreferrer" Defence land use. A range of contaminants have been identified on the site, including asbestos as ACM, petroleum hydrocarbons and unexploded ordnance (UXO). The site is being assessed, remediated and audited in staged areas for residential use. Our auditors have been involved since 2007 with audits conducted for UrbanGrowth NSW (previously Landcom) and Greenfields Development Company.

Landmark Offshore Decommissioning
Ramboll in Perth is leading a landmark offshore decommissioning project for a confidential client in Western Australia. The project is the first application that incorporates comprehensive ecosystem service valuation and NEBA into environmental decision making for offshore decommissioning in the oil and gas industry.

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