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Businesses face increasingly complex challenges: advances in science and technology; evolving regulatory, legal and social pressures; and megatrends such as urbanisation, globalisation, resource scarcity, climate change and demographic changes.

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Forward-thinking, responsible businesses are best served by anticipating, rather than reacting to, these inevitable challenges. Ramboll offers a unique combination of technical, regulatory and management skills to help companies implement strategic programmes to manage risk, improve compliance with government regulations, reduce liabilities and create economic value and competitive advantage.

In Australia and New Zealand, Ramboll offers the following Compliance, Strategy and Transaction services:

  • Compliance management
  • Environment, health and safety due diligence
  • Greenhouse gas and energy efficiency assessments
  • National Pollutant Inventory Reporting
  • Sustainability services, including climate risk and resilience

Australia’s National Pollutant Inventory Reporting (NPI)

The National Pollutant Inventory (NPI) is a pollutant release and transfer registry adopted by both State and Federal legislators. Currently, facilities are required to report if they exceed any NPI thresholds, which relate to fuel and electricity consumption, as well as to the handling, manufacture, import and processing of reportable substances. The legislative framework for establishment of the NPI is outlined in the NPI National Environment Protection Measure (NPI NEPM).

For more than a decade, Ramboll Environ has been providing ongoing NPI guidance and support services across a broad range of industries from mining and quarrying, to mineral processing, power generation, manufacturing and food processing. One of our key strengths is designing custom data handling and management tools with built-in quality control measures that align with existing reporting systems. These tools minimise the need to re-handle data, improve efficiency and provide quality assurance.

Our diverse and experienced team help clients to understand and meet their legislative obligations, as well as actively look for opportunities for streamlining NPI reporting services with other environmental compliance management services, such as the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Scheme (NGERS).

Select Project Experience

Lend Lease - Hunt Point Tugs and Tug Harbour Project
Ramboll has provided approvals support (associated with dewatering requirements), dewatering modelling / monitoring and environmental management services to Lend Lease for the BHP Billiton Iron Ore (BHPBIO) Hunt Point Tugs and Tug Harbour Project.

Forrestfield Connect JV (Bam, Acciona, Ferrovial Agroman) – Forrestfield Airport Link
Ramboll was commissioned by the Forrestfield Airport Link JV (FALJV) to take responsibility for all environmental and approvals aspects of the D&C tender phase for the FAL, a new train line that will connect Forrestfield to Perth City, opening up Perth’s eastern suburbs to the rail network for the first time – and giving Perth Airport users a travel option five minutes faster than car travel. The rail link will connect with the existing Midland line near Bayswater Station and will run to Forrestfield through underground tunnels, to ensure minimal impact on the existing land and road network.

Environmental Management Team for Pluton Resources
Pluton Resources (ASX:PLV) has appointed Ramboll as environmental management team for all operations and activities in Western Australia. Their current interests are focused on Cockatoo Island and Irvine Island – two of the three islands that make up the Kimberley Iron Ore Hub (“KIOH”) in Yampi Sound, Western Australia, as well as four tenements in Collier Bay. The location of the first iron ore exports from Australia in the 1950s, the three islands share the same ore body with the KIOH, being a centre of mining for more than 60 years (BHP Billiton commenced production at Cockatoo Island in 1951). Our role comprises all aspects of environmental management and approvals for the ongoing mining operations, as well as expansion and exploration programs.

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