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Ramboll in the USA

Ramboll in the USA provides a committed local presence from more than 50 offices for Northern American clients. Focus is on cost-effective, sustainable and reliable solutions, drawing on Ramboll’s global expertise.
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Ramboll Environ (main office)

4350 North Fairfax Drive
Suite 300
Arlington, VA 22203
T +1 703 516 2300 - Fax +1 703 516 2345
W www.ramboll-environ.com/contact/united-states

Ramboll Energy

136 Commercial Street
Suite 402
Portland, ME 04101
T +1 207 517 8220 - Fax +1 207 347 4384
W www.ramboll-environ.com/contact/united-states
Ramboll Energy in Portland, USA

Joining forces with ENVIRON

On 17 December 2014, Ramboll announced the acquisition of US-based global consultancy ENVIRON, adding more than 1,500 environmental and health science specialists in 21 countries. ENVIRON is one of the world's leading environmental and health sciences consultancies, primarily working with private sector clients, including prominent multinational corporations, law firms and financial organisations.

Read more about Ramboll Environ here, or find their offices on the Ramboll world map.


Executive VP, Global Practice Development
T+1 703 516 2340
Executive VP, Global Practice Development
T+65 6469 9918
Daniel Kelley
Daniel Kelley
General Manager of US Energy Operations
T+1 (207) 517-8258
M+1 (207) 956-1131