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Ramboll in Switzerland

Ramboll in Switzerland is specialized in engineering and consultancy for projects in the fields of waste-to-energy and energy from biomass. Our office in Zurich provides a committed local presence for the central and southern European market.

Ramboll AG

Limmat West
Hardturmstrasse 132
CH-8005 Zürich
T +41 44 500 35 80 - Fax +41 44 500 35 89
E info@ramboll.ch
W www.ramboll.ch
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Ramboll is internationally recognised as the world-leading waste-to-energy consultancy. We can provide our clients with well-considered advice throughout all phases of the project – from idea to reality – based on our comprehensive experience from waste-to-energy projects all over the world. 

Performance optimisation
Changing or replacing technology, systems or processes to achieve cost savings and to improve operation:

  • Plant assessment
  • Project definition
  • Project execution
  • Performance testing
Waste-to-energy facility in Brescia, Italy

Replacing major parts of an existing plant:

  • Project planning
  • Search and selection of suppliers
  • Project management
  • Commissioning and performance testing

Overall project management for green field installation of a plant:

  • Concept
  • Procurement
  • Planning & management
  • Installation, tests and commissioning
  • Operational follow-up

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Energy from Biomass

Feasibility studies

  • Evaluation of technical and economical feasibility of a project
Waste-to-energy facility in Vaasa, Finland


  • Overall project management for a green field installation of a plant

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Martin Brunner
Martin Brunner
Head of Energy from Waste Department Switzerland
T+41 44 500 35 80