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Your development

In Ramboll, we set high standards for the development of our employees. We know that Ramboll can only develop as a company if you perform well and develop as a person. Simply because it is the knowledge and skills of our employees that enable us to deliver state-of-the-art solutions.

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Development dialogues

All employees in Ramboll have two annual Performance & Development Dialogues with their immediate manager. During the dialogue, employee and manager give each other feedback and decide on goals and development activities for the employee. This is to ensure that the employees know what is expected of them and that their individual development is nurtured and prioritised.

Career paths

In Ramboll, we believe that careers are, and should be, diverse. Ramboll has four different career paths: Project Management, Specialist, Market development and People Management. But most importantly we want to nurture the individual talent of each employee and thus design development opportunities for them based on their individual role and experience. This makes it possible for all employees to grow within their current role or across Ramboll’s businesses.

Competence development

At Ramboll we support professional and personal growth regardless of age, seniority, education and experience.

Competence development in Ramboll equals learning – learning on the job and through education.

On the job training

The most important competence development takes place on the job when you are presented with challenging projects and arrive at the right solution. If you want to be among the best in your field, the opportunity is definitely present on the many exciting projects we solve for our clients.

Another important way to develop your competencies is to learn from our many experienced and skilled colleagues who count some of the best within their professional fields.

Regardless of your career path, you’ll always be part of a team of qualified professionals in an international and dynamic workplace. In this way, we promote different skills and personalities to meet and cooperate across technical, organisational and national boundaries.

Professional networks

Ramboll has several examples of internal, professional networks where employees join to learn and improve their skills within a specific field that is important to their daily work. These networks form the basis for the essential knowledge-sharing that contributes to the individual employee's development.

Learning through education

At Ramboll we also help you develop your career and fulfil your potential through further education, seminars and courses as well as through industry-related affiliations, networks, etc.  In some countries, Ramboll even has its own Academy, where employees are offered to follow a fixed career path with a set of educational modules and training. A range of different courses are offered annually within the categories: technical, language, IT and general courses as well as a line of courses to sharpen managerial skills.