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Working in Ramboll Oil & Gas

As world energy demand continues to grow, the oil and gas industry is challenged to keep up the pace. The more easily accessible sources of energy are getting scarcer, forcing the industry to move into deeper waters and harsher environments, and calling for even more sophisticated engineering solutions.

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At Ramboll Oil & Gas, we employ highly specialised experts working in close cooperation with the industry to work out solutions matching the ever changing production conditions. We have been honing our skills and developing our service offering since the 1970s, and our project portfolio counts offshore projects ranging from the North Sea and the Arctic to the Arabian Gulf, and onshore refinery and gas storage projects all over Europe and in the Middle East.

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Our employees shape tomorrow's oil and gas solutions

The fact that the oil and gas industry is continuously on the lookout for new ways of optimising the exploration and production of fossil fuels, brings plenty of challenging projects to our consultancy desk. It keeps our employees on their toes and up to speed on the latest industry know-how. With increasing activities, we're always looking for qualified employees to join our staff. We employ people with a wide range of backgrounds; from engineers and technicians to analysts, biologists and economists. If you come to us with no prior knowledge of the oil and gas industry, we will provide relevant training and introduction to the ABCs of oil and gas.

International working environment

Ramboll Oil & Gas operates an international set-up with offices in Denmark, Norway, Qatar, Abu Dhabi (U.A.E) and India, which gives plenty of opportunity to work together with colleagues across borders and to experience other working cultures.

Bringing our Scandinavian heritage with us wherever we go, we emphasise a holistic approach to both our business, to society and to our employees. Our employees are our biggest asset, and as an employee with Ramboll you will experience our dedication to support your personal and professional development.


Meet our employees within Oil & Gas



Anne Helene Arild

"We have a diverse team with highly experienced senior weight and cost specialists and younger engineers with excellent analyst skills. It is a very exciting process to build up this cross-organisational service department and see how it develops day by day."

Meet Anne Helene Arild, Head of Department

Søren Eg Hansen

"I've been here since 1996 and I feel comfortable in the company. It is a large place to work with offices in numerous countries. The sheer size of Ramboll makes it an attractive place to be as opportunities for professional and personal development abound."

Meet Søren Eg Hansen, Department Director

Project Manager

Kristoffer Bergholt
Kristoffer Bergholt

Kristoffer Bergholt works as project manager and team leader in the Pipelines and Subsea department at Ramboll Oil & Gas in Copenhagen which gives him the opportunity to work with outstanding experts.

Meet project manager Kristoffer Bergholt


Support and Administration

Rasmy Sudev

Rasmy Sudev has worked in different positions at Ramboll's office in Doha, starting as a secretary, then document controller, proposal coordinator, accounts and administration manager and for the past six years, she has worked as finance manager for the offices in Doha (Qatar) and Abu Dhabi (UAE). 

Meet Rasmy Sudev, Regional Business Controller

HSEQ Manager, Senthilkumar Marimuthu
Senthilkumar Marimuthu

Senthilkumar is HSEQ manager at Ramboll Oil & Gas Middle East. As HSEQ manager, he has the regional responsibility for health, safety, environment and quality (HSEQ) issues for the Abu Dhabi and Qatar offices.

Meet HSEQ Manager, Senthilkumar Marimuthu

Consulting engineer

Francesca Del Din
Francesca Del Din

Francesca Del Din works as pipeline engineer at Ramboll Oil & Gas in Copenhagen. She is Italian but moved to Copenhagen to work in the Subsea and Pipelines department. She tells how social activities and teambuilding form a good working environment.

Meet Pipeline engineer Francesca Del Din

Jens Rosenville

Jens Rosenville is a structural engineer at Ramboll Oil & Gas where he has been involved in a number of different substructure projects. As a structural engineer, he loves the idea of building something meaningful.

Meet structural engineer Jens Rosenville.


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Mette Frydenborg
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