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Working in Energy

Ramboll is an internationally known and leading consultant within energy. We have more than 1500 energy specialists working with all areas of energy from energy strategies and planning to production facilities, transmission and distribution, and we have Energy offices in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, India and the USA. 

Being part of Energy, you will contribute to solving one of society’s greatest challenges: Meeting the growing demand for energy, while limiting the effects of energy production on the world we live in.
Our roots are Danish, and many of the sustainable energy solutions that we excel in stem from Scandinavia. We bring our experience from these solutions to the global market, including our world-class competencies in energy recovery from waste, offshore wind energy, district heating, energy efficient power production and bioconversion of power plants.

Although we do employ people with other backgrounds, you will enter a world of top-qualified engineers when you join Energy. We have high quality requirements and, working with most of our clients at a high strategic level, we also have very demanding projects that require years of experience, in-depth knowledge and technical insight as well as a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs. Our project managers, specialists and technicians are therefore the best you can find in their respective fields.

In order to stay on top, we share our knowledge through cross-border competence teams focusing on project management and technical disciplines. This not only makes our employees even shaper within their fields; it is also a huge advantage to our clients who can draw on the wealth of experiences gained by our employees from projects all over the world.


Meet our employees within Energy



Michael McCann
Michael McCann

Michael McCann has over 10 years’ experience with engineering and development. For him, adaptability, communication skills and a keen business sense is a must when working with consultancy.

Meet Michael McCann, Process Engineer

Tore Hulgaard
Tore Hulgaard

Tore works as a senior chief consultant in Ramboll’s waste-to-energy division, which he joined in 1995. ”I have a very strong focus on solutions that serve the purposes of our clients as well as society”.

Meet Tore Hulgaard, Senior Cheif Consultant


Paul Konig
Paul Konig

“You cannot just turn waste off. It just keeps coming, so you need to do something clever with it,” says Paul Konig, Head of Ramboll Energy’s Waste-to-Energy team in the UK.

Meet Paul Konig, Head of department

Linn Helland
Linn Helland

Linn Helland is Head of Ramboll Energy’s Oslo department. She finds great satisfaction in motivating people and works hard to develop the skills of her team.

Meet Linn Helland, Head of Department


Preben V. Messerschmidt
Preben V. Messerschmidt
Preben is Project Director in Ramboll Energy’s Power-division where he supervises biomass projects, primarily in Denmark, the UK, Bangladesh and Canada.
Meet Preben Messerschmidt, Project Director
Britta Hackbarth

Britta has been a project engineer at Ramboll since 2013, and works with offshore wind in Hamburg. She designs the foundations for offshore wind turbines, and she enjoys being part of a renewable industry.

Meet Britta Hackbarth, Project Engineer

HR Contact

Kristine Lund Jacobsen
HR Manager, Energy