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Life & work at Ramboll

Learn more about life and work at Ramboll in the video where you will meet several of our employees at the head office, hear about some of our projects and the social life at Ramboll. Below, you can also read more about our support of employee engagement.

Employee at the office

What do our people think?

Every year Ramboll conducts an employee satisfaction and engagement survey (ESES).

The survey has two closely interlinked purposes. Firstly to increase the satisfaction and engagement of employees, and secondly, to strengthen the business through continuous improvement of employee engagement, working processes and management practices.

Employees are given the opportunity to anonymously show their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with issues related to their work environment, immediate manager, personal development, engagement, knowledge-sharing, and innovation.

We wish to identify the reasons that indicate if an employee is not engaged, motivated, enthusiastic and satisfied. Thereby we are able to prioritise the effort targeting these issues.

Strenghtening the dialogue

The ESES scores are based both on department level and cross-organisation level. Structural engineer Jens Rosenville explains:
"In my department we go through each of the ESES scores and discuss the development of the results. In small groups we identify areas where we can improve the working routines in our own department and across the organisation. Then we concretise the discussed areas into actual goals in our department strategy. In this way the ESES is naturally integrated into our daily work and personal development goals."

Working at Ramboll

Watch this video to learn how some of our young employees perceive their work at Ramboll and to get an impression of Ramboll Head Office.