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Three tips for getting a job at Ramboll

When you are job-hunting, it is extremely important that your CV and application are well-written. This means that you need to devote significant time to writing a CV and letter of application that clearly indicate that you have the right experience and skills for the job in question.

The contact person in the ad often receives numerous applications to read through so you as an applicant must write convincingly and prioritise your experience and qualifications in the best way possible. The documents you submit determine whether you will get invited for an interview or not.

Ramboll project management

Based on an interview with one of our HR employees, responsible for recruitment


Ramboll employees are expected to contribute to the innovative development of the business. That's why it's so important that our engineers, designers, management consultants and other employees possess the right skills and desire to develop them further. Your CV should not only reflect what you have accomplished in previous jobs, but also what you have learned.

As an employee at Ramboll, you will help create the highest quality results so it's essential that our employees can demonstrate a strong understanding of business, with a focus on time, cost and quality in our overall delivery. So you should also describe and demonstrate the relevant results you have helped create in the past.


We are looking for highly motivated employees who will take pride in working at Ramboll. So your application should clearly reflect your desire to work for us. Please get acquainted with our values and business and tell us how you fit into the picture. Provide examples of how you work independently and in multidisciplinary teams, and how you will ensure innovation and creativity in projects. Please also mention the kind of projects you have been involved in and what project areas you have most experience in and prefer.

As a recent graduate or a student, it's really important to emphasise your skills, values and goals, and how you will meet the expectations set for the job. It's also a good idea to highlight your experience from work on study projects that may be relevant to the position – and why Ramboll should hire you. Your application should be no longer than one page.

Job interview

For your interview, it's vital to show your interest in our company, and that you know what Ramboll does and stands for to show your motivation.

Before the interview, think seriously about the job so that you are mentally prepared and know what challenges the position involves. It's your job to explain how you will meet these challenges. It's especially important to provide specific examples and questions you can ask directly about the job, range of responsibilities and the department so that we can see that you are well-prepared for the interview.