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Senior Piping Engineer Trond Wiken

Meet Trond Wiken, who is working as a senior piping engineer at Ramboll Oil & Gas. He is both a lead engineer, and a mentor to younger engineers who join the company.


Trond Wiken's formal education is as machine technician, but the school he has attended since graduation has been far more significant. In 1984 he was enrolled in a special set-up at industry giant Aker Kværner, where he was given special training in piping layout. Since then he has become highly specialised and today he is one of the veterans within piping design.

Creating tomorrow's methods for piping design

At Ramboll Trond acts in many capacities. He is both a mentor and lead engineer and he is involved in all project phases right from tender to detailed designs. He likes the diversity in his job and he is particularly glad that Ramboll offers him the opportunity to act as mentor for the young engineers arriving in the company.

Trond explains: 'I have been in the industry for many years, and I have learned that the best results come from a multidiscipline approach. Within piping design and layout it is crucial that the designer has a general understanding of how, for instance, a platform is operated and how the disciplines interact. At Ramboll I get the chance to put my theory into practice as I coach younger engineers towards an enhanced multidiscipline understanding and optimized use of 3D tools.' 

Trond Wiken

Consultant to the bone

When he is not coaching, Trond enjoys his other roles in a consultancy company. 'I like meeting with clients, discussing their needs and requirements and coming up with a solution. I work on projects both in the early design phase and on detailed designs. At the moment I'm acting as third party verifier on somebody else's design, which is also an interesting and challenging task,' Trond says.