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Energy Economist Andrew Mcintosh

Andrew Mcintosh moved from Scotland to Denmark to work in the Studies and Planning department in Copenhagen. He works with the economic, policy and regulatory perspectives of oil and gas projects.


Andrew is educated as an economist with postgraduate expertise in European and contract law. His experience covers energy issues including the estimation and evaluation of energy infrastructure investment costs in the European Union, regulatory and policy impact analysis, security of supply policy, and the effects of regulatory changes on the downstream energy market.

Grew up in oil and gas hub Aberdeen

Andrew's interest for the energy industry has been a natural part of his life for years.
"I grew up in Aberdeen in Scotland which is a real oil and gas hub in Northern Europe. My interest for the energy industry has always been there and many of my friends and family members are involved in the oil and gas industry," Andrew says.

A job with influence

"The thing that instantly caught my interest is that the challenges the European energy industry faces are constantly evolving, and the answers to the issues aren't black and white. In addition to understanding the economics of the industry, a broader understanding is needed. Technical, regulatory and political knowledge are all important in order to have the overview needed to be able to understand the complexity of the problems faced by clients.

Andrew Mcintosh in the Copenhagen office

In my job at Ramboll I feel I can influence the decision-making of the complex energy projects that lie ahead and be creative in my approach to proposing solutions. The projects I work on form the basis for secure supply of energy to people all over Europe and sometimes further afield," he explains.

International company – great opportunities

"One of the good things about working in a large, international company like Ramboll is the opportunity to get to work in other professional areas as well as to go abroad. At the moment I'm happy where I am and I enjoy living in Copenhagen," Andrew says.