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Engineer with a keen eye to the future

Meet Thomas Jensen, who for years has been engaged in energy- and process optimisation in the utility sector (water supply and waste water). On top of this, he also has experience from projection of electricity, and management of waste water systems and waste water treatment plants.

Meet engineer Thomas Jensen.

Senior Chief Consultant Tore Hulgaard

Tore works as a senior chief consultant in Ramboll’s waste-to-energy division, which he joined in 1995. ”I have a very strong focus on solutions that serve the purposes of our clients as well as society”.

Meet Senior Chief Consultant Tore Hulgaard

Tore Hulgaard

Specialist in removal of micropollutants

Karolina Furgal specialises in the removal of micropollutants from wastewater and finds it intriguing to work with solutions to the possible threat of micropollutants.

Meet Karolina Furgal

Social activities and team-building form a good working environment

Francesca Del Din works as pipeline engineer at Ramboll Oil & Gas in Copenhagen. She is Italian and moved to Copenhagen to work in the Subsea and Pipelines department.

Meet Senior engineer Francesca Del Din.
Fancesca Del Din