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Consulting engineer


Project Director, Power and Bioconversion

Preben is Project Director in Ramboll Energy’s Power-division, where he supervises biomass projects, primarily in Denmark, the UK, Bangladesh and Canada. He is furthermore the Service Line Manager for Bioconversion, where he seeks out new clients on new or existing markets by offering Ramboll’s expertise within the fields of design, operation, maintenance, and optimisation of highly efficient biomass combined heat and power plants (CHP).

Meet Preben Messerschmidt.

Preben Messerschmidt

Project engineer

As a project engineer in Ramboll Energy, Britta works with offshore wind in Hamburg. She designs the foundations for offshore wind turbines, and she enjoys being part of a renewable and immature industry, where there is still much to learn.

Meet project engineer Britta Hackbarth.

Britta Hackbarth

Consulting engineer

Victoria has worked with transport projects throughout Norway since August 2010. She treasures close partnership with her colleagues with interdisciplinary meetings and rewarding discussions.

Meet Victoria Paramonova

Victoria Paramonova

Structural Engineer

31-year-old Kasper Paaske Larsen has extensive experience creating software design and 3D visualisation, animation and still pictures as well as real-time visualisation. Kasper received his Master’s degree in Structural Engineering from DTU (Technical University of Denmark). He has worked at Ramboll for five years.

Meet Structural Engineer Kasper Paaske Larsen

Kasper Paaske Larsen

Lead structural engineer

Jens Rosenville is a structural engineer at Ramboll Oil & Gas where he has been involved in a number of different substructure projects, or 'jacket' projects as they are commonly called in offshore language where the term 'jacket' refers to the legs of a platform. As a structural engineer, he loves the idea of building something meaningful.

Meet Jens Rosenville

Jens Rosenville